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Gulaabo in Shaandaar stands out primarily due its husky female vocals thanks to singer Anusha Mani


I didn’t know whether I would take up music as a career or not but I have been a singer since I was very young. I loved music and used to do stage performances in college. That’s when I met Sachin (Sachin-Jigar) and Amit Trivedi. They were programmers, arrangers, and would call me to record scratch songs. I used to do that for them as a friend but I never thought I would become a playback singer one day.


My break came from Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, who allowed me to sing Dhoka for Johnny Gaddaar, which was an instant hit. From there on, there was no looking back as projects kept happening one after the other.


Lazy Lamhe became an instant hit. Amit and I have always been great friends, and a long time ago, we recorded an independent album. But, by then, the independent music scenario had vanished just like we miss the Lucky Ali era today. So we couldn’t release our album. But a few songs from that album, including Lehrein, were used in Aisha, which was composed by Amit Trivedi. A few of them were also used in Dev D. So we were confident that we had made a good album.


Even though Amit and I have grown together over the years, I had no idea he was composing for Shaandaar. One day, he called me and said he needed to record a song. The only thing I knew about the song was that it would feature Alia Bhatt. When I heard the song, it had a party rap feel and after listening to it, I was not very confident about being able to do it. I told Amit I might not pull it off but he was confident and made me record the song.


There was no brief given for the song. All Amit said was that I should enjoy it and record the song. We recorded it in just 45 minutes and I didn’t have to put in too much of an effort. It’s a feel-good song on which you can dance and it was my duty to present that feel through my voice.


The lyrics are outstanding. I believe the lyricist’s job is toughest because they often have to fit words to a tune that has already been composed. The lyrics of Gulaabo are catchy, which is why the song has caught on so well.

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