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Charitraheen 2 trailer: A quest of love that goes too far

hoichoi’s Charitraheen 2 is creating a buzz since the teaser of the film was released. You can read about it here. The makers released the official trailer of the popular drama series today. Check it here:

The key messages highlighted in the trailer of Charitraheen 2 include memories suck, love sucks and pain sucks.

The story of Charitraheen 2 continues from where it left off in the first season. The sequel intensifies with the introduction of new characters. Kiranmoyee played by Naina Ganguly gets convicted of the murder of her husband Haran played by Gourab Chatterjee and is imprisoned.

The story begins a few years after she receives her sentence. Kiran is brought out of the prison and taken to a correctional home for an interim phase. There, she meets Dr Abhay Mukherjee played by Sourav Chakraborty who helps her learn to nurse.

Just as she begins to dream about having a new life with her newly acquired skill, a staff member of the correctional home, Richard, becomes the new hindrance in her path.

He forces her into a sex racket that he runs with the help of Kiran’s inmates in the home. However, Abhay once again comes to her rescue, and then takes him to his house as a nurse, and Kiran once again finds Satish played by Saurav Das. Satish is the younger brother of Abhay’s wife Nirupama played by Mumtaz Sorcar. He is now in a state of coma after a bike accident which also killed Satish’s wife, Sarojini.

On the other hand, Satish’s father had impregnated Sabitri played by Saayoni Ghosh whose daughter Bhengchi played by Sweta Bhattacharya is now a disturbed and recluse teenager.

Charitraheen 2 will be streaming from June 28, 2019 exclusively on hoichoi.

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-Manisha Karki 


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