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Charleston International Film Festival

April 24-28, 2013
Charleston, US

What’s It All About

The Charleston International Film Festival (CIFF) brings people together through the art and science of film. The purpose of the festival is to promote the exchange of ideas and create greater cross-cultural awareness.

The festival has an international film and screenplay competition dedicated to emerging filmmakers and writers from the US and around the world. Over the five-day event, all genres of film and a wide range of subjects are explored. The latest sneak previews and premieres of some of the best new documentaries, features, shorts and animations of local, national and international filmmakers are screened. After the shows, participants are invited to after-parties and deal-making opportunities.

The festival, which also hosts industry panels and educational workshops, closes on a high note at the formal Awards Gala.

Watch Out For!

Opening Film
A House, A Home

A seven-minute short film directed by Daniel Fickle, this film is about love, death and reconciliation in a subterranean world.

Surprise Feature

There will be a surprise opening-night screening of a uniquely perceptive and impressive drama film from Millennium Entertainment. This modern adaptation of a novel from the late 1800’s is both powerful and honest.

Shorts Programme

An assortment of special shorts programme screenings include:

• The Life And Trials Of Willy Grunch: Star System

• Jack &Jill

• The Chair

• Picture. Perfect.

• Towing

• Narcocorrido

• Rebuild

There will also be a special movie editing workshop on April 25, followed by a Screenplay Table Read session, a unique chance to read a script.

Besides these, there will also be a special workshop on Motion Capture Demonstration, where a live motion capture simulation will be showcased by Brent Mason of OptiTrack. For years, he has worked on major Hollywood productions as a motion capture technician. His simulation will showcase optical tracking cameras as they collect and stream data in real time from a person in a motion capture suit to a virtual model on a screen.

The documentary programme on this day includes the following films:

• PUSH Tunisia

• Crisãlida

• Caves: The Social Underground

• At This Very Moment

• Cards Against The Wall

The next day will feature a Soundscape Design Workshop followed by an animation workshop. The shorts on this day are:

• Rocky Tandoori

• Shooting Chris

• Cotard’s Reality

• Uh La La

• Throat Song

• Time 2 Split

• Guttersnipe

The last day of the fest will have a special showcase of a documentary A.K.A. Doc Pomus based on the most unlikely of rock-and-roll icons, Brooklyn-born Jerome Felder. The musician, who was paralysed with polio as a child, reinvented himself first as a blues singer.

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