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Chase is touted to be a thriller as its title would also endorse. The film starts off with the hero, Anuuj, being chased through the streets of Mumbai by a bunch of policemen and, at the end of this long drawn chase, when caught, the hero is lost to the world, in a vegetative state and declared a dreaded terrorist by the top cop DIG (Rajesh Khattar), no less! However, the plot fails to connect with the viewer as to why it is happening, whatever is happening, till intermission. 

The second half gets interesting to some extent as Anuuj has been framed by the top cop and the game of one-upmanship starts. Since the wrongdoers are known, that part fails to thrill you but that is made up by the presence of Gulshan Grover who helps the hero while remaining incognito. The climax is engrossing but shoddily shot.

Direction is average. Fine enough; a female cop is planted as the nurse tending to comatose hero. But how can one even think of including a sequence where she does a sort of a striptease in the ward trying to seduce the unconscious patient? It is hilariously pathetic! Music is nothing but mere noisy. Dialogue is routine. Photography is fairly good.

While Gulshan Grover in a very brief role steals the limelight, Anuuj is average; Udita Goswami and Tarina Patel are passable while Rajesh Khattar and Samir Kochhar are effective. 
This Chase fails to take off.

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