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Chhapaak Movie Review: The Splashing sound of unpleasant brutal reality beautifully canvassed on screen!

Star Cast: Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey, Madhurjeet Sarghi, Ipshita Chakraborty.

Producer: Yogiraj Shetty.

Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

Director: Meghna Gulzar.

With all the ruckus controversy brimming around, let's talk about 'Chhapakk' as a film!
As we know the movie is inspiringly based upon the life of an acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. Lakshmi, who was attacked in 2005 at the age of 15, by a 32-year-old family friend of her named Naeem Khan (Guddu). Naeem khan wanted to marry Laxmi but when she refused, Naeem brutally splashed acid on her.

In the movie, Deepika plays the role of Malti, who is attacked by Bashir khan AKA Babbu. (With that said, we would like to clear the insignificantly irrelevant negative rumor being spread all around social media regarding the religion of the attacker. The religion of the attacker has not been changed in the movie. His name is not Ramesh but Bashir Khan! One should not believe everything that's displayed over social media).

After critically acclaimed movies like Talvar (2015) and  Raazi (2018), The Writer-Director Meghna Gulzar, yet again proves that she is one of India's brilliant director who does not hesitate to touch challenging topics. She handles some of the most terrifying scenes with ease. Never shying away from depicting the brutality of an acid attack and also the unimaginable pain and the trauma an acid attack victim has to go through. How the people of the society treats the victim post the attack, from the investigation of the attack to the court proceedings, the medical treatment to the emotional healing, the strength, the struggle and the fight for the sheer survival. Meghna Gulzar carries the story impressively.

Some of the dialogues and scenes are very heart-wrenching. There is a scene in a film, post the acid attack, where Deepika holds earrings to wear but immediately realizes that she can't, and the dialogue "Naak nahi hai, kaan nahi hai, jumke kaha latkaungi?" Will touch your heart to the core!

The other remarkable dialogues like-" Abh bohot ladai baki hai, tum itni khushi dikhogi toh kaise chalega?"_ and _"Unhone meri surat badli hai, Mera mann nahi!"_ Just portrays how strong and positive mentality the character of Malti has.

The music of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy accompanied by the lyrics of the great Gulzar creates magic especially the title track of the movie, beautifully sung by Arijit Singh-" Koi chehra mita ke, aur aankh se hata ke Chand chheente uda ke jo gaya Chhapaak se pehchaan le gaya" is very heart-wrenching. Truly Arijit's voice can trigger various emotions and within seconds, we find ourselves lost in harmony.

Pointing a few negatives, the screenplay and the editing part could have been better.

Now talking about the performances of the actors, Deepika Padukone, India's highest-paid actress, proves with her acting that she is totally worth it!. The actress who is known for her grace and beauty sets out of her comfort zone and plays the role of an acid attack survivor with a disfigured face very bravely. Her performance is just perfect. She gets the pitch right straight from the first scene until the end. The leading lady will make you cry uncontrollably when she enacts the victim's sufferings.

The talented actor Vikrant Massey, who plays the role of Amol, the love interest of Malti (Deepika), totally shines in the movie. Naturally Calm and Composed acting with a comforting face is what to look for.

Madhurjeeta Sargi, who plays the role of Malti's advocate does her job pretty well.

Talking about the character of the antagonist Bashir Khan played by Vishal Dhaiya is not forcefully portrayed as a dark, masculine larger than life villain,  a boy-next-door instead! Vishal Dahiya plays his part as required by the script. The rest of the actors in the film are newcomers; some real acid attack victims have also done fantastic work in it.

Verdict: Chhappak is a hard-hitting gutsy film by a gutsy team. Surely a must-watch!  

 Stars: 3.5

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