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Choodiyan: Festive Fervour with Jaccky Bhagnani, Asees Kaur and Dev Negi

Last year, same time, the song Kamariya from the Jaccky Bhagnani starrer Mitron became a chartbuster. The actor-producer is back with another festive song, Choodiyan under his music label Jjust Music. Bhagnani and the singers of the track, Dev Negi and Asees Kaur talk to Bhavi Gathani about the feel of the song, the growing market for independent music and more

Choodiyan has a similar feel to Kamariya, which became a hit last year…

Jackky Bhagnani (JB): Kamariya was one of the most popular tracks last year and we all were very humbled with the response. So, I just thought that every year I could be that guy who comes out with a track which becomes popular during Navratri, Diwali and wedding season. We are hoping that people also like Choodiyan as much as they loved Kamariya or Chogada last year.

Asees Kaur (AK): Actually it’s a very good feeling. Navratri is not very far away and this is the perfect time to release Choodiyan. I can already imagine people dancing to this track. I just saw the comments on the video, and the way people already love the song, I feel really humbled.

Dev Negi (DN): I am so excited that I am getting a garba song every year. Last year I had Rang tari and this year I have Choodiyan.

Jackky, in the video you are performing with an international dancer Dytto. Were you nervous at all?

JB: I was nervous. Dytto is an outstanding dancer. We don’t need to say how good she is. It was very difficult for me to keep up with her. I tried my level best. She used to come and ask what she has to do and after watching the step just one time she used to directly perform it. When Mudassar Khan used to show me steps, I was like yeh to tum bahot hi nacha rahe ho. I hadn’t danced for a long time. So it took me around a week to learn the choreography.

Actors have production houses to back them. With a label like Jjust Music, do you think new talents have more scope as far as music is concerned?

AK: As you said that actors have production houses, I think this is a very good initiative and Jackky is doing a great job. First of all to search a new talent, then putting trust in them and then releasing their song, this needs courage. People prefer to put money on already popular artistes so that they will get better returns. The kind of scope this new label is providing is amazing. Also, the way they are producing the videos, we can’t say it is anything less than a film song. It is at par with film music, be it production value or aesthetics, everything is as grand as a film song.

JB: We have two Js in our logo of Jjust Music. When I told them they thought that one J is because of my name. It’s not like that. The ideology behind Jjust Music is that we only want to talk about music so ‘just music’ and the other J is because we would like to give full justice to every person involved in music. This makes Jjust Music. There will be no injustice in Jjust Music. (Laughs)

Jackky, you had said that launching the label was a long process for you. What went into it?

JB: Yes, it’s been 18-20 months since we are planning this. We had to sit down and make a whole business plan because this is a complete startup for me and good or bad, this is my baby. I can proudly say that for this, the only thing I took from my dad is his blessings. I had to make a reverse roadmap in the sense that, okay… this is the kind of revenue that will come in the first year and we have to make these many good quality videos. We explored different ideas of what all we can incorporate in our music videos. Jjust Music is a startup but since I have worked as an actor and our production house has backed many films, it works as a strength for us to make better music videos and up the game of non-film songs.

How do you all look at the market for independent music right now?

JB: I think it is growing big time because now-a-days films do not have as many songs as they used to have earlier. This is the reason there is an open market for non-film music today because as Indians we all are fond of music. It’s a great time for Dev and Asees where they can flourish and they can do more good work fearlessly and add their nuances in the song.

AK: Even I think it’s a very good time for non-film music. There are also other companies like Jjust Music who all are doing a great job on independent music and they give a lot of respect to the artistes. That is the key factor which attracts me to work more for non-film music. In a film, more importance is given to actors, director, producers but in independent music, singers and composers get their due credit. They also get the face value because they are also part of the video. They get maximum recognition thereby bolstering their fan base.

DN: I sing for films but when I have a concept in mind and I want to experiment, I get the freedom to do so with independent music. This doesn’t happen in films where you are already given a situation and you have to only play around it.

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