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Chopper Stunt for Akki

We’ve seen Akshay ‘Khiladi’ Kumar hanging from choppers and performing hair-raising stunts on screen. But for a change, our Action King has decided to lie low but fly high.

Word is that a special chartered chopper has been hired for the action hero for the shooting of Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan. He will be travelling from Mumbai to Malshej Ghat and back in a chopper especially hired for him.

The road from Malshej to Mumbai takes more than seven hours. Which is why the entire unit has decided to stay at this scenic hill station, and return only once they are done shooting. But Kumar spends most of his time shooting abroad and gets very little quality time with his family. Hence, the chartered chopper.

The Malshej Ghat shoot schedule is 24 days long so that’s at least 48 trips to and fro. We don’t know yet who will be footing this high-flying bill.

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