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Cinequest Film Festival 22

February 28 – March 11, 2012

What’s It All About

The Cinequest Film Festival will launch its 22nd exhibition of quality films as it invites adults and youth to experience passionate masterpieces. It will be showcasing over 200 features and short films from 44 countries across two weeks. From daily soirees, writer workshops, Q&A sessions with seasoned filmmakers, fine dining with celebrity chefs, to a casual lunch from a gourmet food truck, this year’s festival has something for everyone. Screenings will be held in Downtown San Jose at the California Theatre, grand San Jose Repertory Theatre and Camera 12 Cinemas.

Whether it’s discovering independent voices in front of and behind the camera, showcasing new technology or reinventing the very definition of a film festival, Cinequest is a celebration of maverick movie-making and a laboratory of new ideas. The  festival will exhibit unique social and artistic visions encompassing cultures and lifestyles from around the globe.


• Roger Nygard, filmmaker

• Don Hardy, documentary film director, cinematographer and editor

• Kurt Kuenne, award-winning filmmaker and composer of both fiction and documentary films


• Shelly Cole, American actor

• Chris Ford, serves as the Chief Creative Officer for Draftfcb West

• Joke Fincioen, Belgian documentary filmmaker

Watch Out For Special Screenings

Opening film – The Lady

Cinequest will open the 2012 festival with Luc Besson’s latest, invigorating political-romantic drama, The Lady. It is the story of the tormented life of a Burmese activist Aung San Suu Kyi, brilliantly portrayed by Michelle Yeoh.

Closing film – The Deep Blue Sea

The festival culminates with the world renowned director Terence Davies’ latest masterpiece, The Deep Blue Sea.

Maverick Spirit Award

Director Terence Davies, writer/director Philip Kaufman and celebrity chef Michael Mina will be the recipients of the Maverick Spirit Award this year.

Special Screenings:

• Four Lovers

• L!fe Happens

• Let the Bullets Fly (Rang Zidan Fei)

• Past Summer

• Faust

• The Bully Project

• The Good Doctor

• The Movement: One Man Joins An Uprising

Picture the Possibilities World Premiere Event

Cinequest Picture the Possibilities (PTP)is a transformative leadership movement, where empowered youth create films expressing visions of a better tomorrow that inspire global leaders to unite and change.

Forum: Rough Cut

An inside perspective from filmmakers on what the process of filmmaking is. After the screening of the film Always Learning, written and directed by Robert Krakower, a panel of filmmakers will join the audience to analyse the process and give advice to the director on how to complete the film successfully.

Last years forum selection, Cheap Fun, is now an official 2012 Cinequest selection.

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