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Prashant Ingole, lyricist of Malaal, talks to Bhavi Gathani about his experience of working in the film, his process of writing the songs and more

With the film Malaal up for release next week, lyricist Prashant Ingole describes how he became an integral part of the movie. “Initially, I was roped in to write only one song and that was Naad khula (which means ‘crazy addiction’). Sanjay sir (Sanjay Leela Bhansali) liked the sound of this new word, so he asked me to write another song, Aila re. I guess I got to do the full album because I understood the script of the film and its requirements in terms of music. The director Mangesh Hadawale kept feeding me with the character sketch. I had immense support from him while writing the song.”

Ingole shares his experience of working with Bhansali, saying, “Working with Mr Bhansali is like a trip to the point of perfection. He is a man with immense attention to detail. He puts his heart and soul into making everything happen, be it movies or music. I guess we share the same belief, which is quality over quantity. I want to work for legends like him and one day reach their level of intelligence.”

The lyricist also talks about his idea of delivering the perfect piece. “I understand the script, the character and lastly the situation. It is very important for a poet or a lyricist to get under the skin of every character and every situation for them to deliver an amazing product.”

He adds, “It is very important for me to understand the script, otherwise I am paralysed and I can’t draw inspiration for my song. I need a situation to transport me to go crazy and render something which the director and the music director demand. Sometimes we are given only the situation but I end up extracting as much information as I can.”

Talking about his favourite genre of songs, he says, “I feel that every emotion of life attracts me. I enjoy every colour in life. The same goes for the genres I write songs for. At times, I am a party animal and sometimes I am super romantic; I can be a powerhouse for a moment and shattered in the other. This is the reason I enjoy every moment and every genre of songwriting. I thank God for putting me through all these emotions during my struggle to understand these emotions.”

Ingole reveals the reason for adding a Marathi flavour to the songs. “The Marathi touch was intentional and there are two reasons. First, the character and the film’s backdrop demand it and, second, I am bored of Punjabi rap in Bollywood. I wanted to kill the monotony. (Laughs) However, the first reason is more relevant,” he smiles.

“I did songs for Toy Story 4 as well, which recently released. I have a few more projects lined up for the year end and the coming year. I want to see if my script goes on the floor, which I am keen to direct. I am going nice and slow. I want to create a legacy, not make money,” he signs off. 

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