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  • Game.Point

    Internationally, film-based gaming is categorised between Internet or mobile gaming and PC or console based gaming. A film’s game is mainly made on the basis of the film’s subject.
  • Southern Comfort

    Compared to yesteryear, there are only a few actresses from the South who are making their presence felt in the Hindi film industry today.
  • Pehla Nasha?

    A tongue-in-cheek comparison of two of the nation’s favourite addictions.
  • Y Not?

    When making cinema for the youth, always remember, it’s THEIR world. With our next release with Y Films, YRF is extending its friendship with the audience.
  • The Waiting Game

    I got the idea for RA.One six years ago while watching TV and I wasn’t able to sleep till I wrote the script. I just knew it was going to be really special and unique.
  • Open Sesame

    Producers and distributors give their undivided attention to just one thing – the weekend or the crucial three days from the day their film hits the cinemas.
  • Neighbourhood Watch

    Screen, sound, service, ambienceand experience arethe key influencing factors that prompt movie-goers to choose a specific cinema destination.
  • Laughter The Best Medicine

    I’m often asked why I make masala films. People today are bogged down with so many problems and with so much stress.
  • www journey

    Someone told me I should have a website and they said it would take a while. I wanted something quicker and they suggested a blog. How long does it take to start, I asked.
  • Weekday Versus Weekend

    Differential ticket pricing is popularly in two forms: one is the weekday and weekend pricing and the other one is movie based pricing where the ticket prices are hiked as per the blockbuster size or
  • Push Comes To Shove

    In today’s make-or-break and cut-throat film industry, it’s all good. Expect a year of record growth. This is turning out be a great year so far for the Indian film industry.
  • A New Avatar

    3D technology has brought in a paradigm shift to cinema content in India and movie viewing is no more the same as it used to be.