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Comedy Time

Who doesn’t need a hit – every time? And judging by recent releases, a good old side-splitting comedy would lift the gloom at the box office. It seems Sanjay Leela Bhansali has finally acknowledged this dire need because the maverick filmmaker, known to make audiences cry with his emotional sagas, will make them laugh for a change.

Yes, his next film, My Friend Pinto, is an out-and-out comedy. The film revolves around 17 characters and is on the lines of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, a comedy of errors. To be directed by first-time director Raghav Dar, the film will also launch four new faces. We’re told that Kunal Kapoor and Irrfan are also part of the project.

Since the film is directed by a first-timer, Bhansali is being cautious. He therefore decided to organise a script narration for the entire cast and crew on Saturday.

PS: While going to press, we were told that Bhansali won’t be part of the script narration. But you never know!

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