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Composer-singer Rahul Jain and actor Sooraj Pancholi are Shining Bright with Dim dim light

Here comes another song from the label Jjust Music, Dim dim light. The composer-singer of the song Rahul Jain and actor Sooraj Pancholi, who features in the video, talk to Bhavi Gathani about the story behind the song and the opportunities given to new artistes with a label like Jjust Music

Dim dim light seems like this sweet romantic song. What is it all about?

Rahul Jain (RJ): The video has a very happy vibe story.

Sooraj Pancholi (SP): It’s about wooing the person you like. As the lyrics go… mere liye shining tu hai, dim dim light bhi tu hai…

RJ: The song is all about that. Just the four lines tell everything. You are only my shining, you are only my dim dim lightmein jaag raha hoon ya so raha hoon tab bhi tum hi ho… Anyone can dedicate this song to anyone.

SP: Yes, it could be from a girl to a boy also.

RJ: And that’s what is there in the video.

SP: It’s a cute song.

So, how did Dim dim light happen?

RJ: First I will say how the song was made. I made this song when I was in Amsterdam. I was touring for my shows and at that time I was under a lot of pressure to submit the song. So, I was working from there as I had carried my laptop with me. I just finished one of the shows. I was trying to complete other things but it just wasn’t happening. I was stuck somewhere. My mind was just blank. The hotel I was staying in, was a really nice one. I went to the balcony and I randomly started playing the guitar. At that moment, the song happened and it took me just 30 minutes.

SP: But while you were making the song, you must have seen someone right?

RJ: Well, I didn’t see someone but I did think about someone.

Who did you think about?

RJ: Well, kisi chahne waale ko socha tha… (Everyone laughs)

RJ: Anyway, what I was trying to say was, as a composer or as a creator of the song, there are some songs that you try to make for maybe two days or two months but they don’t happen. But on the other hand, there are also some songs that you can just start and finish in 15 minutes. Something similar happened with this song too. I just hummed something and directly sent to the lyricist. She sent me a few words that were just perfect fit and the antra was also made at the same time. This was a quick song. And then there are songs that no matter how much you sit for them or think on them, they just don’t happen.

So this is the story behind the making of this song. I never thought that this song will get released so soon. And now over to him (directing towards Sooraj).

SP: Well, Jjust Music and the entire team behind it are all my friends. Jackky (Bhagnani) called me saying that ‘Sooraj there is one nice song and we are planning to make a music video on it as we are launching our label Jjust Music. So would you like to do it?’ I asked him to first send me the song. I just heard the 30 seconds of the song, not even the whole song and I called back saying that I am doing the song. I simply realised that this song has that pulse to attract the youth. It had that element of making the influencers of Instagram and Tik Tok love this song and they would like to make videos based on it. This song is just about the feel and not about someone’s look. It is a universal song.

RJ: With this platform, we would like to invite people to make videos on Tik Tok and Instagram.

With the introduction of a label like Jjust Music, do you think the deserving artistes will get more opportunities?

RJ: Exactly! So the man behind Jjust Music, Jackkybhai has amazing sense of music. Every time I am here, I play 10 songs but I already know which one he will choose. He will choose the best of all and so I can say that he has an amazing sense of music. In fact, the whole team behind Jjust Music is really amazing. It is a very good platform for upcoming artistes and I feel that they are doing a great job. It’s a next-level independent thing. Besides, they are also bringing faces like Soorajbhai. So it’s a very good platform.

I am really happy collaborating with Jjust Music. Jackky is really a very sweet-hearted person. Even in the past he has picked the best music. He brought forward very talented people who today are doing great in the industry. I just hope the same thing happens to me too. We are working on a few other tracks as well. I am really happy to be a part of Jjust Music and Dim dim light.

Jackky had also said that the treatment they give to the music videos is as good as the treatment given to a film.

RJ: In fact, there is more concentration on music videos than films.  It does not matter what the back story is or what the story is around. The whole focus is on the music you hear.

SP: Everything has to be said in just three minutes.

RJ: It is like a short film.

What’s next for both of you?

RJ: I am doing a few films and I am also working on a few singles. There is a film called Kaagaz, which is presented by Salman Khan Films and I am doing two songs from the film. It is directed by Satish Kaushikji and Pankaj Tripathi sir is playing the lead role. Then I am doing Badnam, it’s a Vikram Bhatt film. It is scheduled to release in November or December. And apart from that, there are two-three other projects which I can’t say much about.

SP: I have Satellite Shankar releasing on November 15, right after my birthday. I hope it’s the best birthday gift I ever get. Apart from that, I am doing a film which is an Indian sports biopic. I will start the shoot in December and I am prepping for that. 

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