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Confessions Of A Technoholic

A star cyberjunkie pooh-poohs the myth that social networking murders the mystique

When did I first become aware of technological advancements like the net, blogs and Twitter? Well, I have always been a techaholic and like to keep abreast of new trends in this space.

I am also a huge gadget fiend. I took to Twitter quite early, even before it became a phenomenon in India. I enjoy exploring this space very much and making new discoveries. It keeps me updated on the latest technological trends. I am curious by nature and like to learn something new all the time.

People often ask me whether anything specific encouraged me to become tech-savvy. And I always maintain that I enjoy exploring new mediums on the Internet as well as trying out the latest gadgets. It’s a passion I’ve had for many years and it has nothing to do with me being a celebrity. Had I not to be a public figure, I would still be terribly interested in the latest gizmos and want to know everything about cyberspace.

As far as celebrities being tech-savvy is concerned, well, it is an individual choice. New platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great to connect with your audience but, again, it depends on how every individual views it. I enjoy the process and the connect, which is why I am so active.

The most important part of being tech-savvy is that it makes life so convenient. My fans can catch up with me on my website (, and they can follow me on Twitter and on Facebook (my official fan page). Today, I can do pretty much everything via my mobile phone, which makes it easy to update my site, my fan page and Twitter on a regular basis.

I enjoy Twitter and Facebook because they allow me to share all aspects of my life (even the most random thoughts) and also engage in discussions with my audience. Most importantly, they allow me to connect with people in India as well as across the world. It allows me to share my thoughts and feelings and at the same time get instant feedback. It gives me an insight into what people are thinking and feeling. It’s wonderful!

On the downside, there are times when you come across rude and abusive people who invade your timelines, hiding behind their Twitter or Facebook profiles and post nasty messages.

Does being accessible to everyone kill the mystery associated with a star? We are living in an ever-changing world, where a star’s status quo is challenged everyday. Yes, I agree that these platforms increase accessibility but you have to put it into the context of how technology and the importance of social media networking have redefined relationships, including that of a personality and his/her audience.

Nevertheless, I enjoy these platforms and will never shy away from them. I do take ‘breaks’, which means I disappear for a few days when I’m really caught up with things but that’s about it. I enjoy being on these platforms.



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