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Singer Neha Kakkar talks to Titas Chowdhury about her latest single, Nikle currant, and her love for independent music

Singer and performer Neha Kakkar is riding high on the success of her latest single, Nikle currant. Kakkar has collaborated with singer-actor Jassie Gill on the song. Talking about how the song happened, she says, “Jassie and I have been friends for a really long time. He wanted to collaborate with me as I am his favourite female singer. I also wanted to work with him since he is very talented. He is not only a good singer, but also a superb actor. He made me listen to some songs, out of which I liked Nikle currant a lot and so we decided to collaborate on this song.” 

Taking us back to the days when she started her career, Kakkar says, “Back in the day, I did not have enough money to spend on making music videos. No one created selfie videos. But I made selfie videos that went viral. Independent music is very important to me. I am an independent artiste. I have never taken anybody’s help. I have never had a godfather in the industry.”

The singer says she made her debut in the independent music scene with her brother, singer Tony Kakkar, at a time when film music ruled. “Even when independent music did not receive a lot of support, Tony and my music was appreciated. We did a couple of independent songs, like Akhiyan, which released in 2015. It did very well. I had done a couple of songs for Mother’s Day and Independence Day as well. Another single of mine, titled Car mein music baja, also did very well. It has more than 1 crore views online,” she says.

Asked what she prefers more, she says, “If I record a single, only then will my name come up. It will be referred to as Neha Kakkar’s song. Then it is my project. But if it is a film song, it becomes many people’s song. The names of the singer, the composer and the actors are attached. That’s why it is liberating to make my own music. I prefer doing singles. But when actors like Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt dance to my voice, it is a good feeling. But with some songs, I want to see myself dancing on them.” 

Shedding light on her signature style, Kakkar comments, “I give something new to every song. I am actually quite proud of myself. When people listen to my songs, they can instantly tell that these are my songs. Every song of mine has a ‘Neha Kakkar’ touch. I make sure that the songs that are given to me sound different. Touch wood, my songs have always worked. All the songs I have sung are blockbusters and I make sure they become the ‘song of the year’.”

Kakkar says she has many singles and collaborations in the pipeline. Among these is a big project that is set to release in a couple of months. “It is going to be the biggest song of the year,” she grins. 

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