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Dalljiet Kaur excited to see Nishant Singh Malkhani in BB14!

Actor Dalljiet Kaur is thrilled twice as much as ever for the 14th season of popular reality show Bigg Boss. The reason behind it being that her very dear friend Nishant Singh Malkhani is going to be seen as one of the contestants in the show. “I am so excited and nervous about my best friend Nishant!!! He is the one to watch out for this season,” says Dalljiet, who was a contestant in the previous season.

Talking about television star Jasmin Bhasin, who is also going to be a contestant, she says, “Jasmin is so cute and I have liked her work would love get to know her more and would be so interesting to watch interactions with a religious figure like Radhe Maa; like how will contestants allot her duties when they have to!” Dalljiet, who is a well - known face in the television industry, also feels that Bigg Boss will help many people, who have been feeling locked up and anxious.

“The show will come as an aid to help magnetize being indoors as much as possible. With the pandemic soaring and cities re-starting; we are quiet at the cusp. Going by the ‘go out only if you must' campaign; plus hearing “WFH” (work from home) getting stressful BigBoss will curb anxiety and restlessness to a certain extent. And that in itself is a blessing. This is the escapism we all need from the chaos outside & inside.

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