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Dance Steps vs Club Mixes

Groovy dance moves are choreographer Ganesh Acharya’s specialty as is seen in the quirky song Cinema dekhe mamma in Singh Is Bliing

On Cinema Dekhe Mamma

Akshay Kumar and I go back many years. When they were going on the floors with this film, he asked me to meet him at his office. I heard the song and loved it. It’s such a catchy number, one where we can make actors dance. It is also very beat-oriented, so once you hear the song, you automatically start dancing.

On Prabhudheva

Prabhu is a great friend. But when you take on a song in a film he is directing, you have to come up with something he will like. So I practiced with my team, rehearsed, and then showed him the steps. Prabhu instantly liked them.

On the brief

I was not given a detailed brief. Prabhu just wanted it to be a light song. The song appears in the film when Akshay’s mother meets Amy Jackson and he too falls in love with her. What’s best about the song is that we have been able to capture Punjab in a different way. We have all watched Punjabi culture in films and songs but Prabhu wanted something that was never seen before, so we created a village backdrop. Also, Prabhu always says if he doesn’t like something but when it comes to choreographing, he leaves everything to the choreographer.

On Akshay Kumar

I don’t think the song would have looked as good if Akshay hadn’t put in his own effort and hilarious expressions. It comes from experience. He is a great actor and it comes through in the song. He has caught the beats perfectly and all the expressions are his own, which is why when you see the song you feel like dancing even more. Nowadays, we don’t see many dance numbers like this as the music scene has become more about club mixes. So when this song came my way, I thought of going all out with the dance steps.

Keeping it common

Prabhu said he wanted a number which everyone could dance to. The tune created by Sajid-Wajid is very peppy and it made my work easier, to make it a good dance number. And it’s always fun to work with Prabhu as he has his own inputs and unique flavour. For instance, when you watch a Prabhudheva film, you know the audience will expect lot of dance. That’s why we have kept it very easy.

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