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Attitude is everything, talent will take care of the rest… don’t and don’ts for aspiring filmmakers


Be A Visionary

It is essential to have a definite plan before you start something new. While Bollywood is such a big industry with so many genres to explore, it is essential that, as a filmmaker, you have a vision of what you are going to support and how it is going to create value to your own growth and to that of your surroundings. Sometimes, your plan might not go your way but always aim for that one goal you had in mind before entering the industry.

Study Your Audience

Filmmaking / producing comes with lot of responsibilities which you need to account for before you invest in something. Cinema is one of the most important forms of communication in the world, so it is necessary to study your audience and keep pace with changes in their varying tastes. With every passing year, trends change and so does the outlook of the audience to watch films.

Don’t Follow A Fad Or A Trend

To fit in, most new filmmakers use tried and tested methods. If biopics are being made, everyone follows that route, and if sports-based films are being made, everyone starts looking for one good sports film to make. To become big, one needs strength to take risks and produce something that will give the audience and you great satisfaction.

Think Out Of The Box

Nowadays, filmmakers are taking the easy way out and remaking old hit films and presenting them in a new form. While such films do grab attention, they don’t offer anything new to the audience. When I entered the industry, I had one thing in mind, and that was to back scripts that are unique and out-of-the-box. These are subjects that have a deeper meaning, beyond vanilla entertainment, and which can get a balance equation to both my audiences and my investors.

Do Your Homework

Many aspiring filmmakers commit the common mistake of getting into the industry with half knowledge and techniques of making a film. This creates a problem in future, where the final product turns out to be something they had not wished for. Therefore, it is crucial to do your homework, know your skills, and your strengths and weakness. At the same time, make sure you collaborate with the kind of team where both of you balance it out and make a project worthwhile.

Believe In Your Intuition

Nothing is easy and not everything goes the way you plan. In those low times, make sure that you are listening to your intuition as I feel it is never wrong. I have always listened to my inner thoughts/voice and have this uncanny faith in it, which eventually makes everything fine. Since filmmaking is all about taking the right decisions, at the right time, it is these choices you make which define your journey. I am not saying they always turn up a positive result but then there is a sense of satisfaction that you did exactly what your heart was telling you to do.

Your Attitude Makes Or Breaks You

You shouldn’t take it easy and become complacent. One should never think that one film is successful now, so we will do our next film after a year. I am not the kind who can take a break because my previous film has done well. I believe in striving to do something new with each passing day. My business partner Arjun Kapoor told me that attitude is important, so we are working harder and harder each day. It’s not going to be an easy journey but the right kind of attitude will surely lead to the path you are striving to reach.

Let Your Work Speak

Though I know this world is about showbiz and whatever you showcase is what determines your image, I feel that one should just give your best and let your work speak. There are many people who are interested in creating an image in front of the audience, which is very much the opposite of what they are. Audience have become very smart and we can no longer take them for granted. So just decide to work hard and set an example for others.

– Things an aspiring filmmaker/ producer should know before entering Bollywood

(Written by Prernaa Arora, producer and co-owner of KriArj Entertainment

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