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Delhi Belly

Rejoice. At last, we have an album that’s strikingly original and super fun. Composer Ram Sampath, whose music for Luv Ka The End was a crashing bore, is in terrific form in Delhi Belly. The album, comprising eight original tracks and two remixes, has lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya, Akshat Verma and Ram Sampath himself.

Bhaag DK Bose bursts forth with infectious energy and an attitude reflective of today’s youth – unapologetic and spirited. The lyrics are risqué but that only adds to the overall appeal of this rock number. Sampath not only delivers a winning composition, he also renders it with absolute panache. Chartbuster!

Nakkadwaley disco udhaarwaley kisko (Kirti Sangathia) is hilarious. A spoof on songs by ghazal/bhajan singers, this one cleverly twists a popular expletive and weaves it into the lyrics. Kirti is particularly impressive in his rendition of this quirky number.

Sona Mohapatra’s rustic, powerful vocals save Bedardi Raja from becoming a routine item number. The remix version of this track is strictly okay. But I hate you (Kirti Sangathia, Sona Mohapatra) is a riot. A cross between a Bappi Lahiri disco number from the ‘80s and a Western pop track, I hate you is experimental yet solid fun. Suraj Jagan’s vocals brim with anguish in the angst-ridden rock number Jaa chudail, a track likely to find popularity among men who have experienced heartbreak.

Switty tera pyar chaida (Kirti Sagathia, Ram Sampath) is another hugely likeable Punjabi dance number in this album. Catchy lyrics entwined with a pulsating rhythm, not to mention a delightful hook line, make this number an instant hit.

Saigal blues (Chetan Shashital) is a take off on the melodies sung by the legendary K L Saigal. Shashital is quite remarkable in his imitation of Saigal and the song, which falls into the blues genre, manages to sustain your interest. And finally, Tere siva (Ram Sampath, Tarannum) a soft romantic track with a hint of rock, is mellifluous and pleasant.

Verdict: Zabardast

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