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Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!

The music of Yash Raj Film’s Dectective Bomkesh Bakshy! is already making listeners bob their heads in tune with the rhythm. The album features a heady cocktail of eccentric music composers like Sneha Khanwalkar and renowned Indian bands such as Madboy Mink, Blek, Peter Cat Recording Co (PCRC), Mode AKA, Joint Family and IJA. Each composer has a song to showcase their calibre, making for seven tracks in the album.

This will be the second consecutive album after NH 10 that is driven by indie musicians. We listened to the soundtrack to find out what this pack of composers has to offer in the crime thriller, directed by Dibakar Banerjee.

Mumbai’s eclectic band Madboy Mink takes the lead with their mesh of old-school funk, disco blues and jazz track Calcutta kiss. The duo Imaad Shah (son of Bollywood veteran Naseeruddin Shah) and actress Saba Azad, has kept their signature sound as the basic sound palette, peppering it with classic Bengali flavour. Penned by Madboy Mink themselves, the English renditions within the song are spot on but the Hindi verses lack finesse.

Known for sourcing sounds, Sneha Khanwalkar teams up with director Dibakar Banerjee for Bach ke Bakshy. The dual-lingo (Hindi and English) track written by Khanwalkar and Banerjee mirrors the plot of the film and is sung by Gowri Jayakumar, Big Deal, Thomson Andrews and Trevor. The fast-pace track displays some great work on tempo, which varies seamlessly throughout its course. With the rap, ‘oh so the murder weapon used was a chain on the neck… why is there blood on the bed! sung by Smokey The Ghosht and Craz Professa, the number is quite enjoyable.

The hummable romantic melody of the film Byomkesh in love crooned by Usri Banerjee, Rishi and Anil Bradoo is a blend of semi-classical and fast-paced music. The alternative rock band Blek from Malad has composed this melody which is a contemporary mix. The song kicks off slowly, later picling up the pace with guitar strums and drum beats. Banerjee has done a great job with semi-classical singing.

A typical ’80s and ’90s romantic sound is introduced to the track Jaanam by Peter Cat Recording Co (PCRC), with the use of the accordion, piano and violin.

Chase in Chinatown is a perfect fit to the film’s chase sequence, but will also make a great standalone rock song. The high-octane vocals of Vyshnav Balasubramaniam, Sandeep Madhavan and Manas Ullas are well suited to this rock song.

After a gruelling rock song, the album opens up for the heavy death metal number Life’s a bitch by Joint Family. The number has been used as the background music for the trailer of the film and has also worked as the film’s promotional track. With the gruelling guitar clubbed with heavy handed drum beats and the gritting voice of Akshay De, Life’ a bitch will definitely find its place in death metal fans’ playlist.

The album ends on a haunting note with IJA’s Yang Guang lives. The edgy, haunting track rides high on electronic tunes and percussion beats that can compliment as the background score of the film. The song maintains its mysterious feel throughout with IJA whispering the lyrics in a husky voice.

Verdict: Go for it!

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