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Dhanya Ramkumar to make her Kannada film –read details

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Daughter of Poornima and actor Ramkumar, Dhanya Ramkumar is grabbing the headlines for making a debut in Kannada films. Dhanya will be the first girl from the Rajkumar family to enter the film industry.

Talking about the project with a news website, Dhanya revealed, “The team got in touch with me and narrated the script. My mother and I heard it and I thought it was extremely relatable. I could see myself doing what the character was doing.”

“Deep down, I always wanted to be an actor, but I never opened up about it. None of the women in my family had come forward with acting aspirations. I’d studied media studies and worked for a year in PR before this. But, I wasn’t really satisfied, so I thought I’d ask my mum about entering films," she added.

Suraj Gowda is the leading man opposite her. The film will start in July. The yet-to-be-titled film will be directed by debutant Suman Jadhugar.

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-Rani Bohra. 

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