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Dhvani Bhanushali: There are a lot of songs that come to you, but you can’t do them all

One of the rising stars in the music industry currently, Dhvani Bhanushali talks to Manisha Karki about her latest single, Vaaste garnering more than 400 million views on YouTube and her upcoming film songs

Dhvani Bhanushali is winning hearts not only for her singles but also the film songs that she has lent her voice to. Her latest single, Vaaste has hit more than 400 million views on YouTube and during our interaction with the songstress, we couldn’t help but ask how she feels about this achievement. “I feel amazing! All of us have worked together really hard to make this video and we made it with our hearts. Tanishk Bagchi did such amazing work as he does in all the songs that he makes and I am really glad that he thought we could collaborate on this together and I could feature in the video as well. I am really happy and it makes me really proud,” she said.

Bhanushali has a variety of songs in some of the upcoming films. From the party anthem Koka in Khandaani Shafakhana to the chic number Psycho saiyaan in Saaho to the heart-touching ballad Rula diya in Batla House, her range is quite versatile. When asked if these song choices were by design, she said, “There are a lot of songs that come to you, but you can’t do all of them so you have to pick and choose.” 

 “Rula diya is from Nikkhil Advani sir and Monisha (Advani) ma’am and I can never say no to them, they gave me Dilbar. So whatever they ask me to do, I do with all my heart. Vaaste is a different song, being one of my singles it’s different from Leja but it’s on the same lines of heartbreak and love. Koka is a party number. I did it because the original is one of my favourites. I had fun singing it.”  

Apart from Hindi, Psycho saiyaan has been voiced by the artiste in several languages such as Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam and that makes it extra special for her. “Psycho saiyaan is very special so firstly it’s Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor, they are my favourites and again Tanishk Bagchi, he is phenomenal when he makes these songs and I am very lucky to be part of them. Psycho saiyaan again is such a fun song,” added Bhanushali.

On her equation with music composer Tanishk Bagchi with whom she has worked quite a bit, she shared, “He is family. I came in because of Tanishk. My rendition Humsafar was the first thing that I did officially for T-series and that was also done by Tanishk. He arranged it for me and from there my journey began. He is like an older brother and mentor and whatever he says, I just have to do it. He has guided me really well. My career is mostly made because of him.” 

We have seen the trend of song recreations in the Hindi music industry growing in the last couple of years. Being a musician who has been involved in recreations as well as original numbers, Bhanushali said, “People dance on recreated tracks even though we go ahead on YouTube and tell people to not do recreations. What recreations do is that they get in the old songs and the new audience of today, the youngsters who are listening to those songs. So in a way, remixes are doing a good job. If you ask a 10-year-old about Saki saki or Dilbar they will be like this is new and they wont know that there was the original that was made some 12-15 years ago. So of course, remixes bring back the classic songs but they lose out as kids today only know the newer versions. To be honest, original work has its charm.” 

She also spoke about being a singer in today’s digital age. “We are digitally very blessed, all of us singers, even actors or whatever talent we have, you just make a video of it and put it up. Exposure has increased so a lot of people are able to do what they wouldn’t have been able to do when there was no social media. Rest everything is old fashioned, you have to learn your art, you have to practice it every day. The only negative impact of it is that if someone is flourishing, people always try to pull them down. Having said that, I think social media has made things so much better in a way that exposure has increased for us all,” she concluded.  

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