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Did You Know Shehzad Was Injured Badly in Week 1?

Bigg Boss 14 seems to be in full swing and the first week itself saw a heated torture task for immunity.  Eliminated contestant Sara Gurpal came out and spoke about her injury with Niki Tamboli's nails which hurt her eyes badly.  Now while this footage was not shown, apparently fans have been pointing out on social media that Shehzad Deol too was badly hurt.  His eyes have been swollen even a week later due to the injury but the makers had edited and not shown Shehzad's injury in the main episode.  

In this weekend's episode Rubina Dailik raised a question against the format of the show in which she was called to have a 'kachra' dimag.  A lot of actors and industry came in support of the actress in the digital world stating #WeStandByRubina.  Now we wonder whether the choice to edit out injuries in the tasks is a planned move by makers to not highlight how dangerous the tasks can be at times inside the house.  While Shehzad has been questioned for his silence it could be that the model is silent due to the pain and injury he has recently incurred. 

 As the first Turban Sardar in the house, Shehzad has massive voting from the North, which we hope helps him sustain in the show as he proves to be an underdog in the 14th season of the reality show.

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