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Different & Daring

Not many people believe that Tara Alisha Berry, one of the lead actresses in Vikram Bhatt’s Love Games, is the same girl who played the wife in Mastram


I hail from Mumbai and wanted to become an actress since I was a child. Since my father wanted me to become a writer, I also did a course in production and direction in California. But once I finished my studies, I came to Mumbai and started looking out for acting projects.

First project

My first assignment was Mastram, where I played the wife. Many people still don’t believe me when I tell them this! My look in that film was very natural and maybe that’s why people don’t recognise me. Then, I did some television shows, including Chokher Bali directed by Anurag Basu, where I shared screen space with Radhika Apte. Many don’t recognise me from that show either but I have always tried to choose different roles, so you will see a different me in Love Games too.

On Bagging Love Games

One day, I went to meet Vikram (Bhatt) sir, who was planning quite a few films at the time. We didn’t speak about any film in particular but he did tell me about a few concepts he was working on. When I didn’t get a call from him, I thought I wasn’t suited to any of the roles in his films. But, 15 days later, I got a call from Mukesh (Bhatt) sir, who asked me to meet him. Then he told me about the film Love Games.

On narration

Vikram sir narrated the script to me and also gave me the bound script. Workshops with all the actors followed, where we were made to understand our characters and the film. The workshops were a lot of fun. We practiced a whole lot and, by the time we were in Cape Town to shoot, we were totally ready. We knew our own lines and also each other’s scenes, so the shoot was a breeze.

On the Plot

Love Games is a story of love in times of lust. My character is on a journey of love. She has been abused in the past and is looking for love, which she finds but then her struggle to keep it begins. Eventually, she finds strength. Vikram sir has written each character very well and the film would have been incomplete without any one of them. In a nutshell, the film is a human drama, each character’s emotions and how each one deals with it. It is wonderful to play a character that is not one-dimensional; there are so many human angles to my role and, as an actor, I had a lot to do in Love Games. Also, I don’t think a subject like this has been explored in our industry. Love Games will start an altogether new genre.

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