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Diwali Bonus: Both Releases Shine

As expected, Golmaal Again!!! has taken a flying start, and although Secret Superstar got off to a slow start yesterday, the film has picked up today. Both movies are doing pretty well at the ticket counter and it seems they will both be winners at the box office. Truly, it’s a cracker of a Diwali for the industry, which hasn’t had a great run at the box office this year. Here’s what distributors have to say about the opening of both movies:

Rajesh Thadani


It looks like it is going to be a positive Diwali. Both the Diwali releases – Golmaal Again!!! and Secret Superstar have been appreciated by their respective audiences. This is good news for the industry, which is finally seeing an upswing after a long time. Considering the bad phase the industry went through for most of the year, this is a good sign. The good thing is that Golmaal Again!!! is made for the masses while Secret Superstar is for the classes, so you have two films catering to different types of audience. Golmaal Again!!! enjoys a good reputation because of the franchise. Also, the class audience will also go to watch Golmaal Again!!! Secret Superstar not only has Aamir Khan as its promotional attraction, it also has good content and that’s a strong combination. People want to go out and do things with their friends and family over the weekend, so it works out well.

Balakrishna Shroff


I believe it was bound to be a successful Diwali with the partnership of Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn in Golmaal Again!!! and an Aamir Khan production Secret Superstar even if Mr. Khan is only a cameo attraction. We all know that any film he is involved with is bound to do good business. There had been fears about how the industry would deliver because the year so far had not fared well but it seems things are going to get better.

Brijesh Tandon


Secret Superstar released yesterday and although collections were only average, the response to the film is good. The numbers have grown today and they are expected to rise throughout the long weekend. Golmaal Again!!! released today and it has reaped bumper collections on its first day itself. The film will mint money at the box office. All in all, I have to say that it is a win-win situation for the trade. Both movies are doing very well and have been liked by the audience. Let’s hope this Diwali brings prosperity to all of us including the audience and the industry.

Debashish Dey
Both movies have taken a flying start. Both have their own audiences. Secret Superstar caters to the elite audience. Slowly and gradually, it has picked up because word of mouth is very strong. I believe Zaira Wasim has done a splendid job. She has acted like a veteran. Of course, the special appearance by Mr Aamir Khan is a bonus. Golmaal Again!!! is obviously a big franchise. The combination of Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty is lethal, along with the entire team. The addition of the ghost angle in the story is very good, it has universal appeal. When you add comedy to all this, it had to work. So it’s a marvelous Diwali.

Arun Mehra
Both films have got off to a good start. Secret Superstar will probably grow with word of mouth publicity. Golmaal Again!!! is a fun comedy film. Everything about Golmaal is big – from its promotion, to its release, to its collections. It is a good, fun, family film and the reports are looking good. After the year we’ve had, it’s a good feeling.

Jeetu Khandelwal
Golmaal Again!!! is a commercial film. We are getting reports that its collections are better than that of Secret Superstar. The latter is a multiplex movie, which will win the race, slow and steadily. I had also predicted that Golmaal Again!!!would take a good opening and that has happened. What will help it further is that this is festival time and kids have holidays so families will go to cinemas. Everyone wants entertainment and Golmaal Again!!! is full-on entertainment. What is good is that the commercial and multiplex audiences have got movies that each will like, so it’s a good balance. After a long, dry spell, this comes as a relief.

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