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Do you know the average net worth of Arjun Kapoor? Read on.

As India's Most Wanted releases this Friday on May 24, we have with us a list of lead actor Arjun Kapoor's films and all the numbers these films have raked in on their day one, first weekend, first week and lifetime. He has given us 10 films since the year 2012. According to the table below, the average net worth of the star is Rs 47-48 crore. 

Movies 1st Day 1st Weekend 1st Week Lifetime
Ishaqzaade (March 11, 2012) 4,36,00,000 15,19,00,000 25,04,93,205 44,13,00,000
Aurangzeb (May 17, 2013) 3,69,00,000 11,31,00,000 18,46,77,400 22,35,00,000
Gunday (February 14, 2014) 15,27,00,000 40,91,00,000 59,06,37,000 72,90,00,000
2 States (April 18, 2014) 12,07,00,000 36,74,00,000 58,51,00,000 1,02,03,00,000
Finding Fanny (September 12, 2014) 4,23,00,000 16,53,00,000 23,32,78,000 27,65,00,000
Tevar (January 9, 2015) 6,44,00,000 20,70,00,000 32,64,00,000 37,20,00,000
Ki & Ka (April 1, 2016) 7,30,00,000 25,23,00,000 37,23,00,000 50,76,00,000
Half Girlfriend (May 19, 2017) 9,62,00,000 29,85,00,000 45,68,00,000 55,76,00,000
Mubarakan (July 28, 2017) 5,15,00,000 22,14,00,000 34,65,00,000 53,25,00,000
Namaste England (October 20, 2018) 1,50,00,000 6,28,00,000 8,03,00,000 8,25,00,000


Kapoor started his journey in the Hindi film industry in year 2012 with Ishaqzaade and he has seen some ups and downs in his seven-year-long career. Ishaqzaade did well at the box office and earned Rs 44.13 crore in its lifetime. His first film is the sixth highest grosser among all his films as far as the lifetime collections are concerned. His next film, Aurangzeb, was a disappointment. Its lifetime revenue was half of what Ishaqzaade had earned. 

However, the first half of 2014 was a successful period for the actor. He gave one hit Gunday in the month of February and exactly after two months, he gave a superhit 2 States, which till now is his highest grosser. The lifetime numbers of Gunday is Rs 72.90 crore and 2 States is Rs 102.03 crore. The actor's popularity dipped with his next two releases Finding Fanny and Tevar but again the years 2016 and 2017 raised the bar for him with the release of Ki & KaHalf Girlfriend and Mubarakaan. Even though the lifetime earnings of these films are almost half of his highest grosser, these films did decently well at the box office. 

Kapoor's last release, Namaste England (2018), tanked at the box office and the lifetime business of this film was lowest among all his films. Now, with the release of India's Most Wanted by the director of a Rs 100-crore hit, Raj Kumar Gupta, let's see how this film will work for the actor! 

- Bhavi Gathani

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