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Does Mahesh Babu get pre-release jitters? Read on

When there is a film which is about to hit the theatres all actors go through multiple emotions and Mahesh Babu is no different.

Talking about the mood and the feeling which the actor goes through when he has a film up for a release he shares, "No matter how many years you work, no matter how many years are you there in the industry when your film is up for a release that excitement every actor feel that. If he says he is very cool and calm don't believe him, don't ever believe him because I think you know there are so many aspects which go into a film, there are so many people who work for a film, there are so many experiences you have of the film that you want that film to work from the bottom of your heart,”

Adding to this he also said, “When you know that you have a good film the excitement which goes into your whole system is something which I can't explain and you are waiting for that audience reaction. There are a lot of things happening and it's an amazing feeling.”

Mahesh Babu's 26th film Sarileru Neekevvaru is all set to hit the theatres on Sankranti 2020 and the fans are looking forward to watching the star on the big screen.

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-Manisha Karki 

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