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Dream Come True

Early recognition, awards and a dream role. Could a debutante ask for more?

This is a saying that goes, well begun is half done. And I am fortunate to have that apply to me. You see, I began my career with the best in the industry – Yash Raj Films’ Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl – and it was a dream debut. Even though I was a supporting actress, it was a memorable role that won me many awards. This great start was extremely motivating and I gave it my best shot when shooting for Ishaqzaade. I also signed a three-film deal with them. What more could I have asked for? I think besides me, only Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor can boast of such a debut.

It’s hard to imagine that I was a banker till as recently as last year. Now I am reveling in the recognition, acceptance and adulation I have got, thanks to my first film. This early recognition and the awards have made me greedy as I now want to win awards for every film I do.

I had grown up wanting to be a banker and so I opted to study business. I even went to England for my higher education. Then, suddenly, I decided I wanted to act and came to Mumbai to pursue a career in acting. My parents were initially worried and asked me whether I had chosen this profession simply because I was living in Mumbai, the city of dreams. I told them I wanted to become an actress for all the right reasons. I have since proved that I am in it, not for the glamour, but because I really love being an actress.

Since my parents always support me in everything I do, they were with me in this decision too. But they were worried about my safety in the industry. Now, every time they watch me on screen, they feel really proud of me.

When Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl released, everyone I knew in the industry called me, messaged me and told me they loved my performance in the film. So, when I got on the sets of my next film,
I knew a lot had changed. Not many actors get off to such a flying
start and I am grateful that the audience and the industry have accepted me.

After working in two films, I would say that critical acclaim and box office success are one and the same thing. If I am successful, people will say I am a good actress; and if I am a good actress, people will watch my films and my films will be successful. But, if, for instance, one of my films made Rs 100 crore at the box office and people didn’t like my performance, I would feel awful. Of course, filmmaking is a business and I want my films to do well but I also want people to appreciate me as
an actress.

Right now, I am open to doing everything that comes my way. I have no criteria or preferences while selecting a role; neither do I have any inhibitions about what I want to do. In fact, I had no reservations about the love-making or kissing scenes in Ishaqzaade. I don’t ask for changes in the script. I either like a script or I don’t. Despite all the praise, I still rate myself as ‘zero’ as an actor. After all, my career has only just begun.



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