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Driving Dedication

It is well-known that Rohit Shetty is a director who makes his films in record time. The filmmaker is famous for staying true to his release date, come what may, and not only this, he also inspires his team to follow suit. Take, for example, the editor of his latest film Simmba, Bunty Nagi.

When we spoke to Nagi recently, he revealed that the song seen in the credits of Simmba, Mera wala dance was shot just 20 days before the film’s release, on December 8. The entire song was shot in less than 13 hours, from 11 am to 1:30 am at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai. And as the song was being shot, it was being edited simultaneously by Nagi in the vanity van parked in the studio premises.

The first footage started coming in from 3 pm, and it was being edited in small sections. After the final footage came in at 1:30 am, the entire team of the film, including Shetty and the choreographer Ganesh Acharya, were in the van with Nagi. In the next two hours, the song was completely edited and early the next morning, it was sent for post-production. The song was ready way before the release date and also used for promotions during the release week.

Now that is dedication, not only by Rohit Shetty but also by his team. Kudos!

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