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Easy Does It

Chinni Prakash might be a veteran choreographer but his dance moves are anything but hackneyed, case in point being the title track Singh and Kaur in Singh Is Bliing

On getting a call from Akshay Kumar

I was in a meeting when I received a message from Akshay Kumar, so I called him and he said he had a song for me. I was shocked because I was wondering how someone knew exactly what my kind of song was. Then Ashvini (Yardi, the producer) called me while they were shooting at Film City. I went to meet them and heard the foot-tapping number Singh and Kaur.

Working on a Prabhudheva film

I have known Prabhudheva for years and have choreographed him when he was an actor but this was the first time I was choreographing a song for his directorial venture. Initially, I was a little self-conscious because we all are aware of his dancing skills. He asked me how I wanted to shoot it. Since it was a Prabhudheva song, I told him I needed time for preparation. After a few days, when I had choreographed the song, I called Prabhu to see it.

He loved the steps and asked me if Akshay would be able to do them in a day or two. I told him we would need a few days to practice. While shooting the song, Prabhu was present throughout and offered his inputs. Prabhu is known for his dance steps but we have never seen him doing a Punjabi song. So we decided he would do a cameo in this song, that too as a sardaar. It doesn’t make sense to have a Prabhudheva film without him dancing in it.

Designing the song

The film required Akshay to be presented in a funny avatar, which is also evident in the trailer and other songs. Because the title track is called Singh and Kaur, I decided I would show how a true Sikh speaks and walks. So in this song, the humorous touch is a tad less as we decided to go purely Punjabi in keeping with the flavour of the film.

On Akshay Kumar

Akshay is known for his comic timing, he is a fantastic actor and he has grown immensely as a performer over the years. He offered plenty of inputs while we were shooting. I guess his expressions come naturally but he was still keen on practicing. So once we started shooting, everything flowed naturally.

On choosing films

I am not selective about doing big films or small films. I take up films as and when they come my way. I am open to Hindi, Tamil, Telugu cinema and any kind of song that is offered to me. The more I work in various languages, the more I learn. But I have kept my style intact. I prefer proper dance moves but my moves are such that even regular people can do them, say, at a wedding or even during visarjan. Since Indians love dancing, I don’t make my dance steps too acrobatic.

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