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Composer-singer Guru Randhawa, whose music has made it to the top of the charts with the Tumhari Sulu hit, Ban ja tu meri rani, talks to Suranjana Biswas about the space he is in right now

Guru Randhawa is lapping up all the love that is pouring in. “It is awesome! Ban ja tu meri rani was already a hit song and its popularity went to another level after Tumhari Sulu released. I’m grateful to T-Series’ Arjun Kapoor for giving me this break. Working with Vidya Balan ma’am was an inspiring experience. The song has garnered a lot of appreciation and love from the audience. I want to work hard and reach a stage where I can make my audience proud of me.”

But where does all the inspiration come from? “I compose my own music after drawing inspiration from everyday life, so that the audience can easily connect with the essence of the music. I always try to keep my songs very easy, both the lyrics and compositions. I do not want to feel the pressure of what others expect me to deliver.”

Punjabi music is increasingly gaining popularity and, to this, Randhawa remarks, “Punjabi singers are very popular abroad because the language, music, style and lyrics beautifully connect with the lives of the people. Yes, bringing the song to Bollywood lends it a certain charm. My songs were already hits, with over 100 million views on YouTube.”

Randhawa believes there is a reason so many independent musicians are making a mark these days. “Earlier, the audience used to enjoy any kind of music but, in recent times, they have become more conscious. Nowadays, people have started following music seriously and they choose to listen to sensible music. I love independent music because of which I got an opportunity to be here.”

Lip-syncing songs at concerts is a big no-no for this talented musician. “I always tell my audience not to listen to such artiste who play audio CDs at their concerts. Such shows shouldn’t be called ‘live shows’.”

Talking about experimenting with different genres, he says, Rapping has a deep history and I don’t think I fit into that space.”

It seems his plate is full with projects. “Currently, I am working on new songs, and TV reality shows along with preparing for my first Punjabi movie. I recently shot for a Ban ja tu meri rani remix video, which is out there already.”

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