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Endless Possibilities

Sandeepa Dhar, who stars in this week’s release Global Baba, also has her hands full with an international Broadway musical

On Global Baba

The film revolves around Indian babas and is a never-seen-before concept. Cinema is changing and people are experimenting with newer stories and this film falls into that category. I just had to say yes to this film.

On her character

I play an investigative journalist and had to think exactly like one. Since my character hails from a small town, I also had to learn how a small-town journalist dresses up and the way she would approach things. Obviously, a cosmopolitan girl is different from a small-town girl. Besides, my character is very different from whom I am in my personal life, I had to undo myself to play this character convincingly.

On her journey

I made my debut in 2010 with Isi Life Mein, a Rajshri banner film. It was a big debut for me. Next, I took a two-year break because I wanted to do films only with meaningful roles for me. I don’t mind doing a cameo but my role must have some substance. For instance, in Dabangg 2 and Heropanti, I had small roles but they were important and made people take notice of me. That’s what I look for in a script. I am an actor and am open to exploring all sorts of characters.

On her Broadway Musical

The reason you see so little of me here is because I am part of an international Broadway musical, which requires me to travel to other countries. This musical has changed me as a person and has also helped me grow as an actor. During the show, we perform in front of a live audience, and one that is drawn from various countries. This builds confidence and also allows one to grow as a performer. The show also allowed me to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. When you are shooting for a film, there are retakes, but when you perform live there are no retakes. That also taught me to deliver my best in one go, obviously with a lot of practice.

Turning point

The turning point in my career is yet to come but Global Baba has a lot to offer to my audience, who will see me in a wider role. I have been there and done that but, as a performer, I believe Global Baba allowed me to do much more. So, here on, you will see a newer me and also a lot more of me in the coming years. Every performer needs that one chance where they can show their talent and I have realised that the more exposure we get, the more we grow.

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