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EXCLUSIVE: "Leonardo Di Caprio won’t wonder how he will retain his humility," says this Made In Heaven actor

Amazon Prime Original series, Made In Heaven, continues to be in the headlines. It has grabbed a lot of attention ever since it started streaming on the OTT platform. We spoke to one of the actors from the series recently who could not stop gushing about Hollywood megastar, Leonardo Di Caprio. Shashank Arora who shot to fame by playing Kabir in the series said that the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor deserves to be called great because of the social causes he is involved with. “Sportsmen or actors work for themselves; they have selfish motives. We find entertainment, joy and comfort when we watch them. But to say, ‘I’ve done great things because I’m an actor’ is not true. I feel Leonardo Di Caprio is doing something great because he in the United Nations. He won’t wonder how he will retain his humility after working in Gangs Of New York.”

For Shashank, maintaining his sanity in this industry should come easy because acting in films is no big deal. He said, “Movies are being made every day. So acting in a few of them is not a big deal.”

The actor who started his career with Yash Raj Films’ Titli also talked about the late American actor-filmmaker, Marlon Brando. He said, “I know of people who’ve done greater things and have retained their sanity. Acting is not a great thing. Marlon Brando used to say that acting is a very ridiculous profession. I look up to people like Stephen Hawking and doctors and scientists way more than I look up to a sportsman or an actor.”

Well, in an industry where it is difficult to learn to handle fame, the level-headed Shashank is surely on the right path!  

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