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EXCLUSIVE! Taapsee Pannu reveals how lessons from her engineering days helped her in Mission Mangal

Mission Mangal, which is being touted as Hindi cinema’s first space mission film, hit the screens today. Team Box Office India caught up with one of the lead cast from the film, Taapsee Pannu, a week ago. The actor opened up on why prepping for the film and getting the scientific jargon was easier for her than her other co-stars.

Following Vidya Balan’s comment where she said in jest that Taapsee started studying Engineering just for Mission Mangal, the latter shed some light on it. Taapsee said, “There were some terms which were familiar to me from my Engineering days and that helped me mouth them easily. It would be a little difficult for me to otherwise deliver the dialogue. What happens is that when you are not familiar with some words, it feels awkward to say it. I don’t know how these guys managed it but they did a great job! I would have been awkward for sure.”

Divulging further details on the prep, she remarked, “I remember that even when our narrations were happening so that we could understand the script properly, Jagan would draw things and explain it to us. He wanted to show us how it basically happened.”

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