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Fantastic Debut

Sometimes, it is the power of a strong supporting cast that makes a film look as good as it does on the big screen. Vishwas Kinii, who has taken his role to the next level with his incredible acting in Veere Di Wedding, talks to Bhavi Gathani about his role and much more.

On The Brief

I was sent just one scene for the audition of Bhandari’s role and I wasn’t even told that the girl Avni in the film would be Sonam (K Ahuja). But I got an idea of what Bhandari was like and I sent in my audition. They really liked it and called me. Once I was on the set, I met Shashanka Ghosh and he briefed me about Bhandari. One thing that was always very clear about the character was that he is a man with no ambition. If there’s something he wants to say, he just says it without thinking twice. But, he is good at heart.  That was the brief I was given for Bhandari.

On The Role And Challenges

I started noticing all the Bhandaris in my own life and a lot of it was in the script. I had known Bhandaris all my life. What I knew was that everyone has at least one Bhandari in their life. That was the tricky part, ki agar dhang se nahi kiya then people would say that nahi yaar Bhandaris aise nahi hote. Plus the problem was that on the set, I had to do it with Sonam. I had to do it with a star and act like a cheesy person with her. I guess that was my challenge. But thankfully the audience is showing so much love and appreciation for what I have done.

On The Director

My experience with Shashanka Ghosh was good. He is a very chilled-out director and working with him was like working with someone your age. It was a lot of fun and he was never serious, he was always in a light mood. From the very beginning, his attitude was ‘let’s have fun and let’s make the movie’. All of us were in sync with each other, not just me and Shashanka. And girls toh matlab Shashank ko kuch samajti hi nahi hain, wo paanch toh pakke dost hai. I feel I was the only odd one out. But Bhandari se waise hi sab log dur rehte the kyunki sabko lagta tha ki woh toh bahot chipku hai.

On His Co-Stars

My experience working with all the girls was very nice. Before shooting, I was slightly nervous because I was very new to all this but all of them accepted me with open arms. They made me feel so comfortable that within two days, I forgot everything ki kaun kya hai and we were just a bunch of friends who were having fun.

Sonam made me feel very comfortable because I think she figured out I was slightly nervous. She told me I had done a good job, I made a good Bhandari. She told me all these things and it made me feel very comfortable and that really helped. I am so glad that I got a co-actor like her for my first film.

On The Response

Honestly, where I am right now, I can’t see much of a difference because everyone is reacting to Bhandari just like the audience. They really liked the character and everyone is saying that kya badhiya Bhandari bana hai, we are in love with him. That’s the most common response. People are saying that shuru me lagta hai kahan se aa gaya but jab tak film khatam hoti hai tab tak samajh nahi aata ki kyun itna achha lag raha hai. They sort of fell in love with him towards the end. The casting people are also very happy and they are sending me congratulatory messages.

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