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Fantastic Seven: Breathe

Digitisation has embraced many names in the industry, the latest one being of Bollywood and South star R Madhavan. The actor’s first web series Breathe is out on Amazon Prime, and we’ll give you seven reasons you should not miss it:

R Madhavan

Coming out of the Tanu Weds Manu Returns and Saala Khadoos phase, Madhavan has attempted a genre that is completely new and explores a dark side in his serious, subtle style.

Amit Sadh

Being a selective actor, we don’t get to see very much of Amit Sadh. His digital debut, where he plays a brooding, hard-nosed cop, is proof that he should do intense roles more often.


Indian audiences are exploring their penchant for thrillers on digital platforms and the refreshing storyline of Breathe – which is about the lengths a father goes to save his son’s life and how he plays with the law to do this – will satiate content-hungry viewers, thanks to writer and director Mayank Sharma.


The story of the show is very well-written, with the pace in sync with the situation playing out on screen. If the pace drops sometimes, it soon picks up with another thrilling scene, taking you by surprise!


The show is based in Mumbai and the mood of the shots has been expertly caught on camera.


Banking on Madhavan’s popularity in South India, the show has released in not just Hindi but also Tamil and Telugu. It is great that the makers are expanding their reach while giving viewers options to select the language they want.


Since the story shows common people doing uncommon things, the dialogue resonates with you while adding depth to the scenes. There is a scene where Madhavan is explaining his actions to his 6-year-old son and his monologue, coupled with smart editing, is brilliant.

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