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“The Storyline Touched A Chord”



The news of Rock On!! getting the National Award for Best Film came as a pleasant surprise. I knew the film had been short-listed but I completely forgot about it, being busy with the promotions of Karthik Calling Karthik. The award is definitely an honour and an achievement. I am proud the film has been chosen as the Best Hindi film.

What went down well with the common man about Rock On!! was the humanness of the story. It showed an emotional side and brought into focus the dreams of the country’s youth. The story encouraged one to not only pursue one’s dreams but also live them. What is the point of achieving success in a profession you are not happy with? It is as good as being invisible. I think the people, especially the youth, connected with this.

I was not at all apprehensive about making my debut as an actor with Rock On!! Somewhere deep down, I was very comfortable with the character that I had to portray. I could completely relate to Aditya Shroff and his rock band. I have a passion for music in real life too. I play the guitar and am well versed with tunes.

Of course the dramatic scenes were discussed and enacted with Abhishek (Kapoor, the director) before they were actually shot. Even the dialogues were discussed in advance.

But I was confident of being a part of Rock On!! from day one. A few well wishers, out of concern, voiced their doubts about the film. They felt a film on a rock band would never work. But I guess it was our belief that made us go ahead with this project. And the rest is history.

I must mention that I have not ghost-directed Rock On!! It is entirely Abhishek’s baby. We are aware of the contribution he has made from its inception to its release date. Most importantly, we worked as a team. Anyway, didn’t people say Aamir Khan had ghost-directed Dil Chahta Hai?
I am sure Abhishek Kapoor has now been pressured into making a sequel to Rock On!! He is under pressure and I know that. I would love to be a part of the sequel too.

We had a wonderful time celebrating our success at Arjun’s home that very night when we learnt about our victory. I am really happy for Arjun. In fact, I think this award will broaden his horizons as an actor. He definitely will bag  potentially better roles.

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