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Fast Forward

What’s It About

Fast Forward is a story of a group of friends who are passionate about dance. The story revolves around two best friends in the group, Rishi and Sunny, who are fantastic dancers. Sunny is fun loving and expresses almost everything through dance. He falls in love with Rishi’s sister, Jheel, only to discover she was suppressing her burning desire to dance. Sunny shows Jheel a whole new world through dance but, unknowingly they revive Rishi’s painful and dark past. 
Basically, Fast Forward portrays a struggle against the norms, against circumstances. It is about a transition point in their lives, from where things would change for good depending upon the choices they make. The group has to tackle some unexpected twists and turns along the way, as they try to find themselves and live their dreams.

Creative Touch 
The story idea is strong but the screenplay is weak. The scenes are disjointed, affecting continuity. The required emphasis on building up the scenes is missing. The fighting at the end of the movie between Vinod Khanna and Mahesh Manjrekar is a complete no-show.

Star Value 
This is a non- starcast film.The acting and dance of Akshay Kapoor is appreciable. Rehan Khan is poor; he cannot give intense expressions which were required for his character. However, he dances well. Vinod Khanna is wasted and Mahesh 
Manjrekar‘s character looks out of sort. The girls, Bhavna Pani, and Sabina Sheema, just cannot act.

A Rehash 
Stomp The Yard minus the brother’s angle.

Technical Expertise 
This is a dance based movie so music and songs were supposed to be its important aspect, but the songs and dance sequences do not entertain the viewer. For instance, there is a scene in which Sunny dances to the tune created by barking of dogs which looks foolishly illogical. The dialogues seem to be written in a hurry and do not leave impact on the viewer. The cinematography is not that great and more than half of the movie is shot in shopping malls as if that would land a glamour quotient to the film. The film’s basis is passion of dance which does not quite come across.

Director’s Cut 
This marks the directorial debut of Zaigham Ali Sayed. His presentation is not interesting to say the least. For example, even when a seasoned actor like Vinod Khanna says, “Yeh cave ranbhoomi nahin karmbhoomi hai…,” it 
looks funny.

Box Office 
Fast Forward has had no takers on its opening day and that is not expected to change in days to come.

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