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Singer-composer Sachet Tandon talks to Bhavi Gathani about his recent song Bekhayali from the film Kabir Singh, his approach to different music and more

When the makers of the film Kabir Singh starring Shahid Kapoor released the first song Bekhayali, it became an instant hit. Filled with pathos and mirroring many different emotions, the song was composed by the duo Sachet Tandon and Parampara Thakur. About the audience’s response, composer-singer Sachet Tandon says, “We really were not expecting a response like this when we started working on it. Our main focus was on how to compose and deliver this song in the best way possible so that it could connect to the audience. We were just immersed in what we were doing and there was no time to think about how people would react to it.”

The song shows us an emotional phase of the lead character, Kabir Singh. Due to his break-up, he is riddled by emotion. Getting those emotions into the music and the voice was challenging for Tandon. “It was challenging because this was the main song of the film and through our song, we had to express what Kabir was going through. When the director gave us the brief, they said they wanted a song which had different emotions in it, because the boy is sad, he has anger issues and he is also broken in love. Apart from this, we had to make a composition that was a little commercial too. My partner Parampara and I had to keep all these parameters in mind while working on this song.”

Talking about the need for voice modulation in the song, the composer says, “I am glad that the voice modulation is evident in the song. It’s a really tough song to sing. Parampara and I loved the melody and were so relieved when we cracked the song. The director and producers were also very happy with the music. In terms of singing, the main task for us was to convey the theme of the song to people. If we hadn’t done that, the song would have been useless. We tried many singers but nothing worked out. It was very tricky for a singer to sing a song that had so many emotions. There are a lot of ups and downs in the pitch and the voice. Thankfully, we achieved that. (Smiles).”

Asked whether they took any reference from the original film Arjun Reddy, Tandon said, “Not really. You don’t need that. Arjun Reddy targeted the South audience. It has a Carnatic flavour. The music we use in Bollywood is Hindustani classical music, and Parampara and I are from that background. Our approach is very different from their style of music. The brief was different and they made little changes to the script according to the Bollywood and North audience. We had to adapt those factors in our song, from that perspective. There was no reference for making Bekhayali because the target audience of the original film was different from that of this film.”

He adds, “To depict the attitude of Kabir Singh in the song, we were keen on using guitar. That’s the only instrument which has all the aspects. If we want to give that attitude, if we want beats, it’s a beautiful instrument to use for such songs. It was an effective experiment that we did.”

The vocalist feels that the most important thing for singing Bekhayali was to connect with the feelings of Kabir. He says, “Connection is most important for such songs. It should have a certain feel. First we cracked the melody and later we sat with lyricist Irshadji (Kamil). He put beautiful words to the melody. You have to feel each and every word of that song. You have to understand how it feels when a person is broken, and the pain he is going through, and I think that is important when you sing a song. The story behind the song is very important. Since the song was also composed by us, it was easier for us to achieve that feel. We knew what to add and where to go with the lyrics and the melody.”

Talking about the importance of different singers in previous songs that he and Thakur have composed for Batti Gul Meter Chalu, Tandon says, “We have composed Har har gange. We got Arijit Singh on board to sing that song because we were sure he could make that song more beautiful and that really worked. People loved Arijit Singh’s voice in that song. For the Hard hard song, we got Mika (Singh) paaji to sing it. That worked really well for the song.”

Tandon describes how he and Thakur approach different types of melodies. “Before working on a new song, Parampara and I love to experience that atmosphere. We take time to create something for that situation. For a party song, we go to a party place and get a feel of that place. For example, we composed Har har gange in Rishikesh. We went to that place, sat on river the bank with a guitar and we composed the song there. It is necessary to get a feel of the song before composing or singing it. We strongly believe that before composing any type of music, we should get into the mood.”

The composer concludes by mentioning his upcoming projects. “We have more songs coming up from Kabir Singh. After that, we will be working in the film Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas. That is Karan Deol’s debut film and it is again a romantic film. We are very excited about it. There is one more film which we are doing with Ajay Devgn titled Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior.”

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