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There is absolutely no arguing the fact that grabbing the public’s attention and grabbing it early are the only way a film is going to stand out in today’s crowded market place. Besides, attention spans are notoriously short. This has put increasing pressure on film producers to make the biggest impact they can while unveiling the first look of their films. Therefore, film posters and trailers must be hard-hitting, convey the right message and be appealing enough to translate into footfalls.

This month has witnessed a barrage of trailers and first looks launched by several production houses: the first poster of Hrithik Roshan-Katrina Kaif starrer Bang Bang (Fox Star Studios), the trailer of Rani Mukerji’s Mardaani (YRF), the Daawat-e-Ishq trailer (YRF), the Haider trailer (UTV Motion Pictures), Finding Fanny’s trailer (Fox Star Studios), Singham Returns’ trailer (Reliance Entertainment), and the first posters of Mary Kom (Viacom18 Motion Pictures), Khoobsurat (Disney) and Bangistan (Excel Entertainment). Phew!

It’s no secret that the first communication of a film can make or break its fate at the ticket window, and with a clutter of films releasing every weekend, it is crucial for a film’s trailer to stand out. So with as many as nine films revealing their trailers/posters recently, we asked tradewallahs to comment on the first look of the films listed above.

Rajesh Thadani, Multimedia Combines (Mumbai)

Only trailers and posters with the most innovative communication created a buzz. Singham Returns is hugely awaited and the trailer has tantalised the audience a great deal. It has already received the maximum number of hits online and the film will definitely be a blockbuster. Finding Fanny’s trailer has touched a chord with the youth and family audience. This film will work in certain pockets like the metros but it has the potential to grow by word of mouth. Haider’s trailer too speaks of a content-rich film from Vishal Bhardwaj. Mardaani’s trailer comes next. It is hard-hitting and will work with Rani Mukerji fans. Mary Kom’s poster has made people sit up and take notice of Priyanka Chopra. This biopic might connect with the audience but it’s too soon to tell. The trailer will decide the fate of the film. Khoobsurat’s first look doesn’t convey much, so we will have to wait for the trailer to see what’s in store from the film.

Jaspal Dhingra, Nanaksar Enterprises (East Punjab)

The trailers of Singham Returns and Finding Fanny have impressed us. Both trailers send out a clear message to the audience as to what’s in store from the film. There is absolute clarity on what kind of films they are and are not one bit ambiguous. Finding Fanny is strictly for the metros but looks quite interesting and might work even in the smaller towns due to word-of-mouth publicity. Mary Kom’s first look took everyone by surprise. With a bunch of new actors who have impressed us with their films in the first half of the year, the trade had really very little hope from actors in the league of Priyanka Chopra. But the film’s poster speaks of the hard work she has put into the film and her muscular look has bagged a lot of praise from the audience. The remaining films haven’t really impressed us with their first look or trailers.

Brijesh Tandon, HK Tandon and Co (Delhi UP)

I have no doubt that Singham Returns will be a blockbuster. The first trailer itself has so much masala that it will do record-breaking business in our circuit, especially in UP. The trailer of Finding Fanny also looks promising but it is strictly meant for the Gurgaon area’s multiplex audience. We had our hopes pinned on Daawat-e-Ishq but the trailer is very ambiguous and didn’t create much buzz. Mary Kom’s poster is a killer! Priyanka Chopra will impress everyone.

Debashish Dey, Aum Moviez (WB)

The trailers of Finding Fanny and Haider seem interesting but they will cater to the loyal audience of that genre of cinema. Vishal Bhardwaj fans will queue up to watch his outing after almost a year. His previous films, like Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola and Ek Thi Daayan had very vague trailers, which failed to connect with the audience. But Haider’s trailer reaches out to the audience. Finding Fanny’s trailer will appeal to the elite audience. Mary Kom’s poster has wowed everyone. This is another biopic by Viacom18 which is likely to do well. But it’s no secret that Singham Returns is leading the pack of films that recently revealed their trailers and first looks.

Sarang Chandak, Shri Rang Films (CP)

The film which has really caught the audience’s attention is Singham Returns. The Rohit Shetty-Ajay Devgn team is back! A film’s sequel is always awaited by the audience, and the trailer has already received maximum views in the recent past. Undoubtedly, it will rake in massive revenues at the box office too. Among the upcoming films, Finding Fanny’s trailer seems promising because it has resonated well with the youth audience who are loyalists of Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor. The film may open to a slow start but has potential to grow. Haider’s trailer looks quite dark and appears to be in the same space as Vishal Bhardwaj’s previous films. Mardaani might receive critical acclaim but the trailer doesn’t seem all that great.

BH Basha, Bahar Enterprises (Mysore)

The trailer of Singham Returns looks most promising. Rohit Shetty has a 100-per cent track record, all-India, and so his next is eagerly awaited. The film’s trailer has nailed the fact that it will be yet another super hit from the director-actor team. Finding Fanny’s trailer seems interesting. Mary Kom’s poster looks like the film has potential. The rest of the trailers and posters didn’t create any buzz.

Ravi Machchar, Sahyog Films (Nizam)

Singham Returns is the biggest hit among the host of trailers that have released lately. The film’s trailer has given the audience a glimpse of a different kind of action from director Rohit Shetty and people are looking forward to this Ajay Devgn starrer very much. The director-actor duo has a huge fan following in our circuit, so this is one of the most awaited films this year. Finding Fanny’s trailer also looks very interesting and fresh. Arjun Kapoor is the next superstar and the youth will line up to watch his first outing opposite Deepika Padukone. Among the first posters which released, Mary Kom and Bang Bang look like they have something special to convey.

Jeetu Khandelwal, Movie Pioneers (Orissa)

Haider’s trailer has gone down well with the audience. It is Shahid Kapoor’s next release after R… Rajkumar, which was a huge hit in our circuit so his fans are looking forward to this movie. Finding Fanny’s trailer was a little ambiguous and I don’t think it will work in my circuit. A film should be made keeping the pan-India audience in mind and I don’t this film will work everywhere. I think the trailer of Mardaani has failed to grab the attention of the audience. Despite having Rani Mukerji and the backing of Yash Raj, the film won’t do well because Mukerji is no longer a commercial actress. Daawat-e-Ishq’s trailer appears interesting as it features a fresh star cast of Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapur. But, above all, it is the trailer of Singham Returns that has wowed everyone across the country. The posters of both Mary Kom and Bang Bang are impressive.

Vijay Kher, NR Multimedia (CP)

Haider’s trailer looks a little different. It is an off-beat film and will cater to a specific audience. Finding Fanny’s trailer is not promising at all because they launched the trailer in English and, by doing so, immediately alienated half their audience. Singham Returns’ trailer looks very impactful and it is the sequel to a big franchise too. But the ticket rates will make it difficult for the film to recover the monies. Daawat-e-Ishq’s trailer was so confusing that we don’t know whether the film is about daawat or ishq. As far as Mardaani’s trailer is concerned, who wants to watch Rani Mukerji? She is an outdated actress. I recently released a film Gulaab Gang, which had Madhuri Dixit but it failed to attract the audience despite the fact that she was one of the most popular actresses we have. Mary Kom and Bang Bang’s posters look very stylish and slick.

Tinku Singh, Group President, SRS Group

There is a whole lot of buzz among the audience about what to watch and what to miss. Most films had held off their promotional strategies till the right time and that has fetched them the right eyeballs. I don’t think anyone in the trade will disagree that Singham Returns has swept everyone off their feet. There were high expectations from the film and the trailer has impressed everyone. The Haider trailer too seems promising and is generating quite a buzz. Although it seems like a multiplex film, the Finding Fanny trailer has created quite a lot of intrigue. However, I don’t think the Daawat-e-Ishq trailer has evoked a similar response. We were hoping it would, but it hasn’t really stood out. YRF’s other film, Mardaani, is to look forward to, because it seems like a hard-hitting film. The first poster of Mary Kom has caught everyone’s attention and the audience is raving about it, especially on social media. But only the first trailer of the film will tell us what kind of film it really is. Khoobsurat’s poster has not really generated a buzz because it doesn’t reveal anything.

Harsh Jain, Sanman Group

The trailer of Singham Returns has evoked a huge response from the audience. Haider’s trailer is good but I don’t think it has much commercial appeal. Finding Fanny’s trailer is very well cut and holds a lot of promise but only in select pockets. YRF has launched two of its films and while the trailer of Daawat-e-Ishq seems very interesting, Mardaani featuring Rani Mukerji doesn’t hold much commercial promise. Both posters of Mary Kom have made the audience sit up and take notice of the film. Other than that, Khoobsurat and Bangistan’s posters also released but they don’t convey enough. To sum up, Singham Returns has pushed the right buttons with their first trailer and it’s the film everyone will watch out for.

Manoj Desai, Exhibitor, G7 and Maratha Mandir

I watched the Singham Returns trailer and the film seems packed with grandeur. Haider will not appeal to single-screens but Daawat-e-Ishq might attract the young crowd owing to its music. I think it has potential also because it is a romantic film. Mardaani is Rani Mukerji’s first film after she got married, so her fans will be looking forward to this one. Mary Kom’s posters look nice but it’s a film about sports and not many know who Mary Kom is. So people will not come to watch the film. The other films which revealed their first looks haven’t created much buzz.

Vishal Anand, Head of Marketing and Operations, Fun Cinemas

It’s very important to make that first impression with your film also, the bigger the cast, the bigger the curiosity. So it’s the trailers of Singham Returns, Finding Fanny, Daawat-e-Ishq and Mary Kom that have stood out most.

Devang Sampat, Chief Strategy Officer, Cinepolis India

All the trailers that released this month have good commercial appeal but the one that clearly lead the pack is Singham Returns. The film is billed as one of the biggest crowd-pullers among all the films whose first looks were revealed lately. The Rohit Shetty-Ajay Devgn combination is looked forward to by the industry and the audience alike and both are coming together in a franchise which has already proved its mettle. So there is no doubt the film’s trailer has generated the biggest buzz so far.

Shrikant Bhasi, Chairman, Carnival Group

The trailer of Haider looks very interesting and Vishal Bhardwaj has given it a very Indian set up. Finding Fanny makes you realise that Indian cinema is ready to accept such offbeat English entertainer. Singham in itself is a brand and the trailer of Singham Returns look promising and intriguing. Coming from the YRF stable, the trailer and posters of Daawat-e-Ishq look fresh, young and new. After a long hiatus the audience will be watching Rani Mukerji on the big screen in Mardaani. The trailer and posters look completely different and raw focusing on the issues in human trafficking. The poster of Mary Kom has thrilled everyone. The film has already created a buzz in the industry.

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