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Fox, The Dark Horse?

Except for the ongoing promotions for the upcoming A Gentleman, things have been very quiet on the Fox Star Studios front. But this is actually a case of no news being good news.

Away from the limelight, the creative team at the studio has been quietly developing some pretty interesting scripts with a variety of writers. What adds credibility and anticipation to these works-in-progress is the fact that  this process is being personally spearheaded by the studio’s creative head, Rucha Pathak, who has worked on some great content-led films like Barfi! in her previous stint at UTV/Disney and Neerja at Fox Star.

While only time will tell how successful these scripts will turn out to be as films, it’s good to see that at least someone is not just paying lip-service to the idea of actually developing content and just writing cheques for acquisitions. 

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