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Fruit & Nut

What’s It About
Fruit & Nut is a madcap upmarket comedy with a central character named Jolly Maker (Cyrus Broacha) who is a simple, middle class struggling bachelor in search of love, money, friends and success. He works as a clerk in the office of a greedy and corrupt builder named Khandar. Jolly Maker is typically nerdy and un-stylish. He is also accident-prone and leaves a trail of disaster behind him wherever he goes. One fine day, in broad daylight, Jolly Maker’s beautiful, smart and snobbish colleague, Monica, gets mysteriously kidnapped. Through series of comical mishaps, Jolly Maker finds himself in the middle of the plot that has been hatched by an insane, self-proclaimed ex-maharaja,  Maharaj Harry Holkar (Boman Irani) to destroy Mumbai.  Whether Jolly Maker finally falls in love or not, gets his girl or not and above all is able to save Mumbai or not, makes for rest of the film.

Creative Touch
As the wacky title suggests, right from the selection of names like Khandar (the builder) and pizza joint named Dominate, to the situations, everything is deliberately hackneyed and illogical. So even after a huge bomb explosion one of the victims is seen bandaged all over, while other two are just thrown away to a nearby place with torn clothes and just few bruises here and there. As the comedy is totally mad so as one warms up to it, it looks interesting towards the interval. But some sequences are really gross. And after the interval it becomes dull and loses its pace.

Star Value
Cyrus Broacha, in his bid to go the Mr Bean route, becomes monotonous after some time. Dia Mirza looks pretty but does not have the same comic timing as Cyrus. Boman Irani as a demented old man plays a pivotal role in the film and has done justice to his character. Meanwhile, the one person who steals the show is Mahesh Manjreker with his awkward English language and laugh. Rajit Kapoor looks okay. Rest of the cast just fits the bill.

A Rehash
Mr. Bean Indianised.

Technical Expertise
The strong point of this film is its dialogues written by Sharat Kataria, the one who also wrote for the critically acclaimed Bheja Fry. Especially, the 
English, which Mahesh Manjrekar mouths, is hilarious, like, “He is the pragnator (father) and I am the maker.” The songs are in tune with the subject – illogical and mad. For instance, one of the lines in the first song is, “Mental bhi ho raha hai sentimental, yeh dil yeda…” Editing needs to be crisp, especially in the second half.

Director’s Cut
An actor with good comic timing, Kunal Vijaykar, has now turned film director with this film. While some comedy scenes are good, the sustainability factor is missing. So the analogous episodes which are repeated frequently indicate lack of variations in the script and sequences. 

Box Office
Fruit & Nut is for the juvenile and, while its reach in cinema halls be very limited, it may salvage itself somewhat on video circuit becoming a favourite with kids.

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