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Future Toh Bright Hai Ji

Millions of people come to Mumbai to fulfill their dreams. This is the storyline of Future Toh Bright Hai Ji, which traces the journey of a small-town couple who think they can make it big in the big city. Although the film tries to portray the agonising reality of strugglers, it is hackneyed and downright boring.

Ajay Kumar (Aamir Bashir) and Sonia Singh (Sonal Sehgal) arrive in Mumbai from a small town and are struggling to get a foothold in their respective careers. Kumar is a struggling writer while Singh is a television actress who plays second fiddle in various television shows but wants to be a lead actress. One day, on the advice of a friend, they meet a saint who tells them their lives will change in the next seven days. Following this, Kumar gets ` 3 lakh from a builder-cum-producer to write a script in seven days. Singh is excited and now wants to move into a more spacious apartment. What follows in the next seven days leads to a very predictable story. Yawn!

The story, by director Sanjay Amar, is in no way novel and the screenplay makes the film drag. There are not many songs either but the film still feels like it will never end. There are, however, bits and parts that are entertaining. Editing by Sandeep Singh Bajeli could have been crisper, which would have reduced the film’s run time.

Performance-wise, Aamir Bashir is excellent. Sonal Sehgal tries her best but sometimes overdoes it. Asrani is commendable. Satish Kaushik is good with his comic timing and entertaining. The rest of the cast fits the bill.


Verdict: Except for a good performance by Aamir Bashir, the film has nothing new to offer. Dud.

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