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G Kutta Se

Banner: SFE International

Producer: Vinod Sharma

Director: Rahul Dahiya

Cast: Rajveer Singh, Neha Chauhan, Nitin Pandit, Rashmi Singh Somvanshi, Sandeep Goyat, Vibha Dikshit, Parth Sharma

Writer: Rahul Dahiya

Music: Anjo John

Bollywood is no stranger to films based on the subject of honour killings and this one’s no different. The big plus here is that this small film has a big heart and has an interesting narrative. The film showcases the uncompromising patriarchy in parts of rural India, especially in Haryana. It is like a sequence of bad dreams but soon you realise this is no nightmare but the bitter truth.

Director Rahul Dahiya unapologetically brings this gutsy story to the silver screen. It’s the kind we read in the newspapers and are hotly debated on television. It does have a documentary feel, which goes well with the narrative.
In a small village in Haryana, not too far from Delhi, Diksha (Vibha Tyagi) is still just a girl. She is caught unguarded on a phone camera, ‘ruining the honour’ of her parents after a multimedia message of her does the rounds. Kiran, (Neha Chauhan) falls in love with a man of her choice (Nitin Pandit) and becomes the target of another man’s lustful vengeance. She thus ‘dishonours’ her family. And there’s Virender (Rajveer Singh), a young man who indulges in everything society forbids women from enjoying. How the truth unfolds takes the story forward.
Dahiya keeps you engrossed with his spot-on narration while the simplicity and anguish in each frame is also impressive.

Cinematography by Sachin Kabir is good. Editing by Pranay Nillay and Sandeep Singh Bajeli is okay and could have been much tighter. The anti-climax is a little overextended, but even with a runtime of 103 minutes, the film is balanced. Music and background score complement the narrative. Locations and costumes are apt.
Performance-wise, Rajeev Singh excels in his part. Neha Chauhan shows potential. Nitin Pandit is good. Rashmi Singh Somvanshi does well. Parth Sharma is okay. Vibha Tyagi acts ably. The rest of the cast fits the bill.

Verdict: Flop.

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