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Game Over task intensifies - Seniors and Freshers breakdown as Bigg Boss shocks them all!

Day 16: The argument between Hina,Gauaharand Sidharth continues while contestants pray for their safety and win as the black cloud named 'Eviction' takes over the Bigg Boss house. However, they are in for another shocker when Bigg Boss declares the name of the losing team of the Game Over task. An announcement is made that the losing team will have to leave the house from the main door.

A sudden wave of emotions take over the house as the contestants break into tears when it is time to bid goodbye to the losing team. The ones who are otherwise always at loggerheads for some reason or the other, are united in the name of love and humanity and tears rolled down each one's faces when the evicted team said good-bye. Nikki, Rahul, Jasmin, Jaan all get teary eyed as the unfathomable moment unfolds.

To add to their miseries, another surprise is thrown at their way as an emergency team wearing PPE kits enter the house and start tearing up a part of the living area exposing a new side.

How will the housemates cope up with this new twist? Which will be the unfortunate team to leave the house tonight?

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