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Get ready for happy times at Tamizh Padam 2

CS Amudhan returns with the sequel of his debut film Tamizh Padam, a parody on the Tamil film industry.  The film will continue the story of Shiva and will focus on his escapades as a cop. Tamizh Padam 2 is produced by S Sashikanth under the Y Not Studios banner in association with Trident Arts. It stars Shiva and Iswarya Menon in lead roles along with Disha Pandey, Sathish, Santhana Bhararthi and Manobala in pivotal roles. Music for the film is by N Kannan.

1. CS Amudhan ventured into dangerous territory when he decided to spoof the Tamil film industry in his debut film. An industry whose stars are put on a pedestal, it was a gamble that could have gone south, but the film was welcomed by the audience with open arms. With the sequel the expectations are similar to the first and going by the teasers and posters being released, looks like Amudhan has gone one step ahead of his first film.

2. Shiva is an actor who can bring a smile to your face just by his presence on screen. He knows that his strength is comedy and the relaxed and nonchalant attitude that he brings to his characters is what makes them funny and memorable. He managed to do that in Tamizh Padam and he is expected to bring the same dry, straight-faced humour in the sequel as well.

3. The first film had O maha zeeya, a song whose lyrics were just nonsensical lyrics. It became a hit and was as memorable as the film. The sequel has a Naan yaarumilla, the video of which has done fabulously on social media.  The highlight of both songs is the picturisation that captures the clichés of a romantic song and a hero intro song in Tamil cinema.

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