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A dream debut with a coveted banner paves the way for many more successes

There is no denying that it is extremely difficult, considering what the odds are, it seems virtually impossible for someone from outside to break into the industry. However, I believe where there is a will there is always a way!

For me it was nothing short of winning a lottery when I got my first break. I was the one sperm who managed to swim through fast.

My counterparts with parents/guardians from the industry would be considered first for any opportunity. They will be given two or three chances maybe even more, depending on what kind of clout their mentors wield in the industry. So what is unfair is regardless of their aptitude they get the chance. They get that elusive opportunity. So looking at it from the outside, it can be perceived as unfair. But looking at it from an insider’s point of view - why not. Like any trade, a father would do everything to set his son up in the business, so it’s the same thing in films. It’s like joining the family business. My father was a tailor so I will be a tailor. So whether it is fair or unfair depends on which vantage point you are looking at it from. Nepotism is rampant. But times are changing. My case is, I would like to believe, a land mark case. Producers now have the confidence to back new talent that they see potential in, and I am really proud of this.

There are different schools of thought. One school says that they will do better and be more confident in front of the camera because they have grown up on the film set and they know how this medium functions. I think there is place for everyone with an aptitude, and while they maybe well versed with this world, an outsider may bring in raw energy, add perspective and his hunger to make it at all costs also helps!


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