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Singer Jubin Nautiyal’s soothing voice in the Jazbaa song Bandeya featuring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan effectively enhances the song’s mood


I have been a singer since childhood and if I wasn’t singing in Bollywood, I would have been singing for stage shows as singing has always been a hobby. My dad loved singing and I get my passion for singing from him. I have studied music too. I attended Welham Boys’ boarding school in Dehradun, where I studied music as a subject. I have learnt music since I took my board exams. I also learnt classical music in Benaras.


My first song was Ek mulaqat in Sonali Cable for composers Amjad-Nadeem. The song was an instant hit and opened many doors for me as a singer. I have been in Mumbai for just two and a half years and have already sung more than six songs. I believe that song was a turning point in my career which made the industry sit up and take notice of me.


Soon after Ek Mulaqat released, Amjad-Nadeem and I were jamming one day when they came up with the tune of Bandeya. They played the piano and I sang the song. We recorded it almost a year ago and since we all loved it, we also decided to pitch it to various music companies. During a narration, my composers made Sanjay Gupta listen to the song and he loved it. That’s how Bandeya happened in Jazbaa.


Usually, when we see an actress on screen, we imagine a female playback singer but Sanjay sir loved my voice and decided to keep me in the video and make it a male song. The hook of the song is the same one we had recorded a year ago; only the musical instruments have changed to match the film’s tone. In fact, I was surprised that Sanjay sir decided to keep me in the video as videos like these are rarely seen these days. It’s a big deal for a newcomer like me as I get face value too. Nowadays, you don’t see the face behind the voice but via this video, the audience will be able to.


As I said, music makes me happy and if not Bollywood then independent music would have been an option. But when you get a song in a Salman Khan film, it’s a huge deal. Zindagi in Bajrangi Bhaijaan was again much-loved by the audience. I truly believe I am blessed by God as all my songs have been popular so far.

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