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Give & Tech: Priyanshu Chatterjee and Gulnaz Siganporia talk about Little Baby

Actors Priyanshu Chatterjee and Gulnaz Siganporia talk to Manisha Karki about their film Little Baby, the effect of technology on youth and playing family

What was it about the story of Little Baby that prompted you to sign the film?

Priyanshu Chatterjee (PC): I have never done a film like this. It was a challenging role, a beautiful story of a father-daughter relationship. It talks about the youth, it talks about today’s time and how technology is influencing kids. I liked the whole story so I did it.

Gulnaz Siganporia (GS): During my audition process I was given these few scenes where I realised that this was a story of a father and daughter. It’s the story of a new generation, and somewhere I feel since I am very close to my father, it felt like my story. And that is what prompted me to take on this film.

Gulnaz this is your first film. How was the experience?

GS: It was challenging. If there is a scene where my character is shouting at her father, I had to think why is she doing so? What would I do in that same situation with my dad? How would I react to my parents while they are talking to me or when they punish me?

How was it working with each other?

PC: It was a great bond. I call her often and ask her how she is doing. I enquire if she is going for an event, or where she is. And she too shares what is happening with her. It was a great working relationship.

GS: The comfort level was there throughout the film and by the end of it we became like real father and daughter, actually friends even.

PC: We were together for 22 days with the whole team while shooting. One schedule was at a beautiful resort in Dehradun. So it was far away from the city and we got to spend time together even after shooting hours.

GS: We shared our experiences, we used to talk and that is how our bond was built.

Priyanshu, you have played the role of teenager’s father for the first time. How did you approach your character?

PC: Yeah!  I have done it for the first time. She is a 20 year old girl. In my family I have my nieces and nephews who are of a similar age group. I look at them and I look at Gulnaz and they are always on their phones and that’s very funny. Their whole life is locked inside their phones. So it’s very interesting for me and fun to watch them. I remember watching two people on a bike. The guy sitting behind was holding the handle while the guy in the front was checking messages. It was the most hilarious thing I had ever seen. In the film we look at the impact of technology on the youth and its pros and cons.

What do you want the audience to take away from this film?

PC: I think the audience will get to take away a lot of things from this film, not only in terms of entertainment but also getting to know what is happening with families around. So some places you will laugh, you will get emotional and I think it’s a nice contemporary family drama with a little twist to it, which is very interesting, but we can’t reveal it now.

GS: The audience will feel that it’s their story and they will relate to it.

Your film deals with the effect of technology on young people. How important is the digital platform for actors today?

PC: It massive. There is so much content that is been created. We as actors also get a change as we get to work on different stuff because of which our reach increases.

GS: As far as I remember there was a time when I use to watch TV but now I don’t look at TV at all. All the time we are just on the net.

What are you looking forward to after this film?

PC: Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala released on Alt Balaji and Zee5 recently. After Little Baby there is IPS Arjun Singh Batch 2000 which will release on October 18.

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