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Goan Actress Poonam Karekar Govekar Launches #Justice4SamBombay Online Campaign

In an irony of sorts, Goan actress and model Poonam Karekar-Govekar today launched a #Justice4SamBombay online campaign to support Poonam Pandey's newly-married husband, who in her opinion has been wrongly accused of molestation, etc.,

The whole India is talking about Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, but here is a story which has gone largely unnoticed. It is a story about justice for men abused  and ill-treated by their own wives with an ulterior criminal intent, Karekar says.

Poonam Pandey had accused her live-in partner of more than two years of molestation. Does this sound normal. If he was a wife-beater, if he was violent, if he was extra-possessive, why would a woman like Poonam Pandey who has seen and done it all in her life, marry him, Karekar has asked in her online campaign while soliciting support for Sam Bombay.

She says Poonam Pandey should not pretend to be so naïve and innocent. This seems to be a well-thought out plan or a cold-blooded publicity stunt.

Ussne ghat ghat ka pani piya hein. Poonam Pandey has seen it all and done it all. She has been in the industry for the last 10 years. She cannot claim that she thought so and so. There is more than what meets the eye. I think Sam Bombay is the real victim because now Poonam Pandey is going to demand a huge “settlement” or alimony and will go for a divorce. This is a money making racket. If her husband was a wife beater and still she was living-in with him for two years, why did she marry him. Poonam Pandey is definitely not as innocent as she is trying to sound, she said.

It is my opinion that the husband of Poonam Pandey, Sam Bombay is the real victim. This is a well-thought of, cold-blooded conspiracy hatched by Poonam Pandey or its a mastermind publicity stunt in which both husband and wife are consenting parties, opines Poonam Karekar Govekar, adding that Poonam Pandey has not shown any photos of the assault and the bruises on her body. She was always ready to strip naked at the drop of a hat and post the images on her Insta, now why hasn't she shown photos of her wounds.  The entire incident is very fishy. The FIR registered against her husband is a gross misuse of the laws of the land - Poonam Karekar Govekar

Poonam Pandey who broke her silence on Tuesday for the first time after the incident happened said that her relationship with Sam was always violent but she had hoped that getting married would change things. She said Sam would get very possessive about her and lose his temper. She claims she has made the decision not to go back to him.


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