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Music composer Vipin Patwa talks to Bhakti Mehta about his intense side with the upcoming film Daas Dev, his rapport with director Sudhir Mishra and other collaborations for the album

Giving poetic words a dark, intense spin is music composer Vipin Patwa who has composed three tracks in the upcoming film Daas Dev. Speaking about the music, the composer says, “I have tried to get the poetry out there through sounds and my composition. People will like it because the music is not limited to one group of people but will appeal to everyone. There are two more songs that I have in the film which are also very important to the story. Sudhir Mishra is a director who doesn’t like anything conventional. Everything that he does has to be out of the box and that includes the music for his films. He was very clear as to what he wanted. There are many makers who come and say that they want a hit song no matter what the quality, but not Sudhir Mishra. He wants a good song. He wants a track that will make its way into the heart of the people and that makes sense in the story too. We have tried to stay true to the art of music, to the basics but present it in a massy form. And stuff like this is only possible when you have a big, skilled director.

“When a composer has a solo album, they have the freedom to do whatever they want. But when we are talking about the film, one has to abide by what is in the script and what is said by the director.”

Talking about the narrative of a film and its importance, Patwa shares, “See, there are two types of films; one, where the songs are present for commercial purposes and the second where the songs serve the story. In my opinion, a film’s songs should just serve the story.”

Vipin Patwa also collaborated with singer Atif Aslam for the song Sehmi hai dhadkan. “When I was recording the song with Atif in Dubai, it was quite an experience. He is known to be the voice behind many commercial numbers and romantic tracks but as a person he is very poetic. He is very sensitive and intense. He also has great knowledge of music. Atif told me that the reason he gave the green signal to sing this song is because he found it intense as well as commercial. He specially recorded a video and said how happy he was recording a song like this which had minor as well as major scales. And since it goes perfectly with the story, I think our collaboration has been a successful one.”

Shedding some light on his future projects, he says, “There are a few movies with T-Series that I will be doing. There are also other projects which are not confirmed right now. Let’s hope we talk again once I come back with more songs.”

By line: Bhakti Mehta

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